The Third Sorrowful Mystery: The Crowning with Thorns




Before they nailed Him to the Cross, Jesus's enemies manifested their

contempt by crowning Him with a crown of thorns, while mocking and 

taunting Him.  Full of hate they dug it into His skull.

"All kings should have a crown", they said, 

"Hail, King of the Jews", they jeered.  

Jesus; God Himself, took it all without saying a word.


All our different sins are obstacles to living in the presence of God, 

but the sin of pride is so deeply ingrained in us, that we often do not 

even recognize it as sin. 

It is part of culture, by worldly standard it is seen as a 

good thing, a quality.


But it blinds us to reality; the reality that we are dependent creatures, 

we depend on others, we depend on God, and in the end we are 

only dust. 


The moment of helplessness comes to most people at some stage of 

their lives, sooner or later, when this hits; our pride and vain glory 

can not save us, we are vulnerable and dependent.


Pride is a serious obstacle to life with Jesus; true God and true Man.

It will never be our worldly glory that will get us into heaven.  

God Himself showed by His suffering and death that what is required 

is obedience and submission to God, always putting God first.

Fruit of the Mystery: 

Regret and sorrow for our sins of pride, to fight against vanity. 

May the grace of the Mystery come into our hearts. 


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