We are made in the image of God. 
Our sickness; our sins, are creating such a dense barrier, that most people have no longer the sense of being related to God in any meaningful way.
But our souls belongs to God, and in the same way as a sheet of paper are of the same substance as a tree, 
our souls are of the same nature as God.
That renders each individual capable, if he wants to,

to enter into a close communion with God, while on earth.

That means that we might get to know Him personally, in  life beyond the earthly dimension of time,

it is timeless. (Eternal Life)

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.»
(John 15:5 NIV)
The Church has done much damage, in practicly every country of the world, not just with the child sex abuse scandals and all the cover ups, but much more. 
The conduct of priests in the past was sadly often permeated with personal pride and a sense of power over people;

the exact opposite of the teachings and behaviour of Jesus.

The sickness of the soul spread, like a virus, to all people, the moment Man fell from Grace.

The most important aspect of the Catholic Faith is humility
this is constantly repeated, but it seems

to be the most difficult to understand and practise.

The trite and banal attitude of the media regarding God

I just watched a tv program on the subject of God in Ireland.

It was supposed to explore and give an account of how the population of Ireland are "divorcing" themselves from the Catholic Church.

It was utterly superficial and not surprisingly; revealed a total lack of understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The way the presenter talked with people regarding welcoming other religions and being "open minded" gave the impression at the end of the program that all religions are equally good, and mixing eastern philosophies with Christianity is better than the way it was before in Ireland.

The teaching around sexuality was brought up, and again, it was obvious that the presenter had no clue why the Church have these rules, and there was no one else on the program either who shed some light on it.

The presenter was, of course, gay, as it seems to me as one have to be these days, to get on the telly.
(I am getting tired of all these sob stories of how hard it was/is  to be gay.) (Life is tough)
The presenter talking about the issues of the ban on "sex before marriage, and having children outside marriage" again exposed his own childish and naive simplification of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

According to the media, Ireland are now delighted to be embracing secularism, and are equally delighted to welcome all religions of the world with open arms into this country.

In France one is not afraid to denounce Islam, because it's aim is a political one.
This is a threat to all countries, as France and other European countries knows only too well,
but Ireland are still innocent and ignorant about this.
There are no similarities between my God: Jesus, and Mohammed, they are the direct opposites.

What was important for Ireland was to be seen to be modern, in other words: to imitate all the "modern countries" and therefore it voted for same sex marriage and abortion as a means to be so.
But there are also a lot of people who still have common sense; that knows that to oppose those things has nothing to do with being old fashioned or traditional, but are just simple common sense;
that a marriage is for a man and a woman, and it is wrong to kill.
Nothing complicated, judgemental or homophobic about that. 
Again, in France,  people were out on the streets demonstrating in huge numbers against same sex marriage, as it was an affront to their common sense, and it was not the "traditional catholics" who demonstrated.  But it was brought in anyway, not by a vote, as it would have been voted down, it was just brought in.

The media are doing their brainwashing; trying to tell us that this is the way it is now, but what I see
is that people are coming to Mass in droves, and no, it is not because they are "traditionalists"
(whatever that means), or are coming for the social aspect.

Sorry RTE; you are just going to accept the reality that people are going to Mass because they believe in the one true God that can only be attained by following Jesus.
Yes, of course you can be a very good person without believing in Jesus, and you can be centered and relaxed with other things, e.g. eastern philosophies meditation, but you will never find God.