We do not protest.


An argument that some protestants use to "prove" that Catholicism is "wrong" is 

"because Mary is not mentioned in the Bible and therefore she was nobody special". 

A protestant man said that to me recently and when I asked him if he really thought that God 

would choose just anybody, "nobody special", through whom He would become Man, 

he could not give me a proper answer.

At the wedding in  Cana where the first miracle was carried out by Jesus, ; it would 

seem as if Jesus was hesitant at first to show his power, when His Mother said to Him 

that they had no more wine.

"And Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does this have to do with me? 

My hour has not yet come.” His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you." 

(John 2, 4-5)

How can anyone fail to notice that Jesus was obedient to His Mother, because He went 

ahead and performed the miracle of turning the water into wine, it launched His ministry. 

Mary is any Christian's perfect model of humility and perfection, she gave birth to Our Lord

by her perfect cooperation and submission to the will of God. 

How can they, even just on a purely logical level, claim that Our Lady; The Mother of God, 

is not important? 

She is The Immaculate Conception, through whom God came back to earth to remind us that 

He exists, to redeem us, and reconcile us to Himself, by The Holy Catholic Church, 

through Her Sacraments, Mary also assisted Him; helped Him to carry out the redemptive work 

of His Passion and Crucifixion.


Then, getting angry, this protestant said that Jesus said that nobody should call anybody Father. As Catholics we call the priests Father. I asked him if he didn't think that all the children in the world didn't have the right to call their fathers "Father"?

The real meaning of this is that nobody on earth has the authority to put themselves above our heavenly Father.


Why is it that some protestants become very angry when they see us Catholics on the street? 

They come up for an argument. But it was them that broke away from the Church founded by Jesus and His apostles.

And why do so many protestants believe that the Catholic Faith has nothing to do with 

the Bible?

They try to convince us that they are right and we are wrong by hitting us over the head with 

Bible quotes (from the protestant bible), and seem to believe that we don't have, nor read, the Bible, 

while not seeming to know that the protestant bible is missing 7 books that has been taken out 

from the original Catholic Bible.


One thing that I always found telling, before I was ever a Catholic, is the fact that in all the 

thousands of protestant denominations, they have the Cross, but it is bare, 

 the Person of Christ is not there, He is absent.

While as on a Catholic Cross, Jesus is there, He hangs on it; He is present.  


The Catholic Faith is personal. It is about The Divine Person Jesus Christ: 

true God and true Man.

The practice of the Faith is  carried out on a personal level, every day, all the time, 

with all the aspects of our lives. 

Some protestants come over for a fight or to shower us with curses, quoting this or that bible verse as proof that we are going to go to hell.


But I think that their faith is often intellectualized; it is stored in the head, and it stays there.

In Psychology, to intellectualize is a form of defense mechanism, of living in one's head 

in order to not be affected and disturbed personally.  

But if we are not disturbed or affected in a personal way, we can never receive God's graces.

Being disturbed, and having one's life turned upside down is almost a requisite as a starting 

point for anyone who was unfortunate enough to not receive the correct religious education 

as a child.

The Catholic Church is not a club or an association set up so that we can have a social life, 

talk a bit about God, and make friends; no;

outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation.

Jesus Christ founded One Holy and Apostolic Church, the Universal Church, 

through His Apostles, when He sent the Holy Spirit.


Martin Luther protested, citing the (real) corruption in the Church as the reason, but his own difficulty with celibacy had also a lot to do with it. 

Henry the 8th certainly only had his own personal motives to protest and make his 

own church, but having said that; there has always been nastiness and evil in the 

Church, as it is made up of sinful people, it could not be otherwise.


At the present time the Church is going through a dark era, with many weak 

bishops and priests who wants to "modernize" the Church to the point of

even promoting the LGBT agenda, the climate change environmental politics, 

supporting abortion and collaborating with corrupt worldly governments.


We know this, we fight this, we resist this, by speaking the truth, 

the Truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, spreading His message. 

If we leave because of them, we would not be faithful. 

We don't leave because things are bleak and our shepherds weak. 

We follow Jesus. 

However bad things are for us now, they are nothing compared to the way things 

were for Him during His Passion.

The pope is the pope, and the bishops are our bishops. 

The priests are our priests. 

If we did not profess this, there simply would not be a Church.