Trying too hard


When the Angel Gabriel visited Mary, she was initially 

both afraid and confused.

The message the angel conveyed to her was so enormous  

that she was overwhelmed,

and also the seemingly impossible realization of  the message 

of her giving birth to a baby,

as there was not even a man in her life, 

made it initially difficult to understand.


But then she said YES: "Let it be done to me according to the will of God." 





Letting God operate in us depends on our availability.

We are two sides of the same coin. 

God lives in us, but only in the measure that we accord to Him.

The more we truly surrender ourselves to Him, the more He is able to live through us.

The barriers to this are our own will and our own way of doing things, our efforts.

"To let God" implies letting go of ourselves, 

OUR BODIES, with all it's desires 

(God Himself looks after our true needs),

OUR MINDS ( with all it's conditioning),






It is about 


To do things differently from the way we have always done them, 

to change our way of thinking, of acting, carrying out tasks, from 

the most simple to the big undertakings, 

takes most of all, awareness.

In many situations we actually actively sabotage God from letting His 

perfect solution taking place in our life, by our own efforts, that gets in 

the way.

We didn't have the wisdom to LET GOD, we blocked Him in those 

moments when we needed him most, by our own actions and interventions. 

Often that is simply because we don't trust Him.

Also we are taught to not take revenge when somebody hurts us, we are 

told to show love to everybody ( and not just those that we like),

we are told to NOT WORRY about material things and about food for 

our bodies.

We are always reminded to not worry about money, and 

to not live in a way that we always put money first. 

If we do, it creates a blockade, we cannot grow in His life.

We ought to not think too far ahead, not to have any specific required 

conditions for "happiness" in this life, in order to chase after them, 

("I will be happy when I have that job, that man/woman/child/children/house/car)

so we can believe that we can then be "fulfilled".

We must let go of the past, 

and instead live fully with God in the NOW. 

Because only God can fulfill us, we cannot do it ourselves. 

One of the biggest stumbling blocks is PRIDE.

But true humility does not mean that one submit oneself to other people's 

power, nor does it mean a devaluation of oneself. That is false humility.

On the contrary, true humility means that you have discovered who you 

are in your deepest nature, 

and the reality of this knowledge is so immense, that gentleness and 

personal humility is a natural consequence of it, it is a state of being.

Our Lady, The Mother of God, is our perfect example, our perfect model.  



People know that the narrative of a deadly pandemic and the corresponding 

necessity for a rushed through, still in the experimental stages vaccine does 

not correspond to the lived reality.

Some people are lazy, they simply cannot be bothered to think about it, 

because they feel they have nothing to worry about.

The safety they feel in going along with the government narrative and with 

what they perceive is the majority, is sufficient for them. 

The brainwashing by the television is not new, the difference is that now,  

the consequences has reached a whole new level. 

Of course, most people are still ok after having received the jab,

(if they all collapsed straight away, there would obviously be a complete stop 

to people coming forward voluntarily.)

Most of the ones that have become very sick, blind, or died, after it, are not 

being registered on the vaccine adverse reactions official register of each country.

The ones administering the vaccine say there is "probably no link to the vaccine", 

and that is that.

But some are registered, about 1 %, according to an Oxford Study, and even 

this 1 % is frightening high in numbers.


People operate the way they have always operated, looking out for themselves.

The way this situation is going to deteriorate, is when "vaccinated" people  fall

ill from all kinds of incurable illnesses, and die, due to the spike protein in

the injection. 

The inability, or rather the unwillingness, to stand up and resist this, to speak 

out, even for the sake of children, makes those who keep their mouths shut, 


They know that it makes no logical sense to inject the world's population 

with an injection (which does not even provide protection) from a flu virus that 

99.99% of reasonably healthy people can fight with their natural immune system.

But then, so many of them never spoke up against the slaughter of living babies 

in their mother's womb either.

As the saying goes: bad things happen because "good" people do nothing.

"good" in inverted comma, because the absence of good actions when they 

are needed, is in reality bad.

They come under the sins of omission; what we failed to do.

There is no genuine shelter or protection in giving in to pressure or threats,

(losing your job, loss of foreign holiday) etc, 

that is akin to collaborating with those who are bullying and abusing you, 

it will not make them stop, it will make them worse. 

We are called to love our neighbour; civil disobedience is our only natural 

reaction under these circumstances, it is out of genuine love for our neighbour.


Life is precious and very short, every thing we have done, and everything 

we failed to do, will have to be accounted for. 


It is not only the executors; the politicians, the civil servants, the doctors and nurses, 

who failed to say NO, who will be accountable, it concerns also all the people that 

didn't bother to speak up. One day we will be held accountable.




Our true home


Wherever I am in the world, when I go to Mass, I am at home. 

No matter what goes on in my life, as long as I pray and go to Mass, 

I am at home.

No matter how little people without faith understand, I always find 

people with Faith, no matter where I am. 

Beyond sin, culture, conditioning, indoctrination, customs, politics, etc, 

lies the truth.

The truth about God and about Man. 

Once we get to know God, who is a Person: Jesus, and we

try to talk about Him, it might make us sound like silly people, or even 

a bit crazy.

But at that stage, what other people think about us, will be of no concern.

We will be integrated persons; what happens in the world will have a direct 

impact on our actions; our heart, mind and body will be one.

When today, the government  is frightening, coercing and threatening people

in order to make them succumb to accept to be injected with an experimental 

injection that has already killed thousands of people, then a Catholic person 

will not sit idly by and do nothing. 

I met these two men at the rally against the vaccine passports, corruption and 

tyranny of the Irish Government today.