Trust God, not men.

This is a spiritual battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

We cannot do anything to wake people up if they are determined to stay asleep. 

The catastrophic state of the Catholic Church today, where the official line taken 

on the morality of the covid vaccines which are all made of stem cells of aborted babies, 

is that it is morally acceptable, "because it happened in the past and it cannot be undone 

and therefore taking the vaccine does not support abortion."(!) 

 One Irish catholic journalist; David Quinn, said in a recent interview that it was 

comparable to the moral dilemma of whether one should walk over a bridge that had been 

built by slaves, that by knowing this and still deciding to use the bridge does not mean that 

one supports slavery! 

What a comparison..... 

This completely rotten argument is yet another aspect that reveals how corrupt the Church 

is, how she has been infiltrated by the enemy. 

Few are the brave priests who still teaches the truth, the truth being black and white.  

In addition to the fact that the vaccines are made from cells of aborted babies and despite 

the fact that the vaccines also presents great question marks regarding their safety, 

described by many eminent doctors and immunologists, one among them being 

Irish Professor Dolores Cahill, the Pope says we are morally obliged to take the vaccine! 

We know that today it has gone so far that there are many within the Church who are in 

favour of abortion, including priests and religious. 

There are many who do not believe in the Sacraments for what they are, 

for them it is about family traditions, mere symbols. 

There are Ministers of the Eucharist who do not believe that the Host is truly and really 

the Body of Christ, they think it is just another symbol. 


God The Father, 

God The Son, 

God The Holy Spirit;

 Holy Trinity, 

cast out these demons that has taken possession of your Church, 

renew her with holy priests and holy bishops. 





Restrictions and graces

This time of restrictions and deprivation of our most basic human rights, should not be wasted, because it is ideal for finding The Life that lies behind. What is left when everything else is stripped away, everything that keeps us busy, and everything which occupies our attention on a daily basis.            Because it is about paying attention and about awareness. Loss of awareness of the existence of God brings about, first of all, a darkening, a lowering, of the intelligence. The person can not see, he is blind. The ability to judge and assess, and logic, is affected. Common sense is absent. In Ireland the government deemed the celebration of the Mass too dangerous and banned it, despite the Mass being extremely well supervised, with regard to the guidelines. They were safe. But the government decided however to allow the churches to stay open to the public to enter to pray during the day, when there are no one to monitor and implement the restrictions. So people enter without masks, they sit where they want, etc. The Irish government, who hates the Church, has outdone the old enemy; Britain, in their efforts to destroy the faith in the Irish state. And in making the celebration of the Mass (with a congregation) illegal, with the risk of prison for priests who do so, they deny Catholics our daily bread: the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. But the people of God,  who are close to Him, trust that He will find a way to feed his flock without breaking the rules of Cesar. Today I was at Exposition of the Blessed Sacrement in a Church. After the priest had retired it, he offered the people present Holy Communion. The church was full. Thank you Jesus, for feeding me today.