The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery: The Carrying of The Cross





Jesus had to carry Himself the instrument upon which He was 

going to be put to death.  

Crucifixion was the sentence  imposed on the worst criminals;

apart from the indescribable physical pain, it was also chosen 

for reasons of wanting to strip the dignity of the condemned; 

for the public shame and humiliation.

Jesus; God Himself, was spat on, they threw stones at Him, 

as He dragged the heavy cross and they laughed when they 

saw how He struggled.




When He came into the world as a new born baby there was 

no room available in the Inn; He was born in a cave or a stable, 

where animals are born, and at the end of His life He was 

nailed to a Cross until death. 


This is the Person who changed the whole world by His 

Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection, when we look at this, 

we see a distinct lack of worldly glory. 

On the way to the place of His execution; Golgotha; a hill 

on the outskirts of Jerusalem, there were also some kind 


Apart from His Mother Mary who never left His side, there

was Veronica who showed her love and support by wiping 

His face with her linen cloth, upon which Jesus left the 

imprint of Himself, there was Simon of Cyrene who helped  

to carry the heavy Cross, and there were the women of 

Jerusalem who felt very sad and sorry for Him. And what 

did Jesus say to the women?

He said to not worry about Him, but rather about themselves 

and their children, because if they could treat Him in this way,

He who was innocent, what would happen to them, who were 



This journey carrying His Cross is full of meaning for us;

Jesus went through it willingly, but His Cross was our sins, 

we caused it. We are still causing it today.


We need to examine ourselves every day, see ourselves as we 

really are, see our faults, stop being self defensive and make 

excuses for our bad behavior, and confess our sins to a priest.  

And our sins are thus forgiven, by Jesus Himself, because He 

gave the power and authority to forgive sins to His priests. 

So in Confession it is not the priest who forgives, he is only an 

instrument, it is Jesus Himself. 

Jesus also said that anyone who wanted to follow Him, 

had to pick up their own cross and carry it.


Crosses are not in short supply in our world; they come in 

all forms.

None of us want them, but very few avoid them.

What we do when they arrive, is what shows how 

great our desire for Him is, how much we put Him first,

and how much we trust Him. 

Fruit of this Mystery: 

Patience and gentleness during adversity, affliction and 

suffering of any kind. 

May the grace of this Mystery come into our souls.





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