When people become disappointed or disgusted with the Church, 

they often say:  "That church, with those people, that is definitely 

not for me, no thank you".    Big mistake. 

Reality check:

People will nearly always end up disappointing you, 

people in the church, in your family, in your work, amongst your 

friends, amongst the people you admire. 

Another mistake; don't admire people. 

People are shocked and disappointed when somebody or a group 

of people let them down. 

They forget that Man fell from Grace and ever since has had more or 

less a nature of duplicity, manifested in hypocrisy, deceit, dishonesty, 

trickery, swindling, lies, etc.

We shouldn't be shocked, that just shows how little we understand of 

human nature.

We ought to be aware, and awake. 

I will never allow anybody stand between me and my Saviour Jesus,

and that decision is wholly mine. 

People putting themselves forward as representing the Church

probably fulfill important tasks, but it is not them we must follow!

Never forget, it is not about them.

We respect them, as we should respect everybody, but we must never 

take our eyes off Jesus, it is He who leads us, it is He who attracts us, 

and living close to His Holy Mother, we actually cannot go wrong.   

The history of the Catholic Church is full of martyrs, people who would 

rather die a painful death than renounce Jesus.

Don't be discouraged, not even with Bergoglio and all his apostasies.

Weak bishops, pedophile priests, cover ups, the whole sorry saga.

The Church marches on, like a war zone emergency hospital full of 

sick and injured people, even as they now are also burning the church 

buildings down.

You just cant kill God.


Judas betrayed, Peter denied and Thomas doubted


During the Irish government's implementation of the longest Lockdown 

in the world, The Irish Catholic Church  abandoned their flock.

The bishops did not oppose the Lockdown, they literally locked the 

door on the faithful to prevent them from being present at Mass and 

receiving the Body of Christ. 

Under the pretext of a virus, that they seemed to believe in.  

This was not the case everywhere; in France, in England and 

in many other countries, the bishops stood up to the government and 

fought for the human right to practice one's religion.

There has been a few brave priests around the country, who defied the

ban, and who celebrated Mass with a small congregation, but as they 

did not receive support from the bishops, that was stopped.

There was one priest who, in his on-line homily warned against the new, 

still in trial, mRNA techology injection, which is being pushed and forced 

on people, despite that it has killed and injured many, this priest 

was heavily reprimanded by our bishop; Fintan Gavin and warned to toe 

the line.

The injections contains stem cells lines from aborted babies, even babies

still alive after being aborted, are used. To say that this is horrendous does

not suffice, but to know that this is sanctioned by the Church and that

Church authorities even demand that Catholics be injected, leaves

the mind numb.


The leaders of the Holy Catholic Church, have left Christ behind,

and it didn't start last year.



In the time leading up to the abortion referendum, there was barely a

reference made to it in churches in Ireland, and even less before the vote

to allow gay «marriage».

Understandably the horrendous crimes committed in the past by priests

against innocent children has left many priests feeling unable to continue

preaching and passing on the catholic doctrine, but that is what they have

consecrated their life to do, to stop doing so is not an option.

During this year of Lockdown, when the Irish government subjected the

Irish people to this unnecessary punishment, the people depended on the

Church to stand up for their rights, the right to worship.

But right from the word go, the bishops caved in, not a question asked;

they closed the churches.

Only recently, when they knew that things were opening up, did they

make a token gesture of protest to the government. That fooled no one.

No leadership, only subservience to the worldly power;

the government, was displayed.

We all need to obey the law of the land, but when that law becomes the

direct enemy to God's law, we must not, it then becomes our duty to be 

civil disobedient.

Followers of Christ has to make choices, we can't sit on the fence. 

In spite of the betrayal by priests and bishops, many people has drawn 

the strength to endure this nightmare from Christ. 

Their faith has been renewed.

Because the teaching, the true doctrine of the Holy Catholic Church 

resides in our heart and memory, due to our forefathers practice of the faith.