Living without the Presence of God





Living without the personal God; A Person; Jesus Christ,   

affects first of all the understanding; the intelligence.  

This self-installed mental ceiling which blocks out the Light 

that comes from above, causes a darkening of the mind, 

which limits everything to material things.

In a state of mind like that, fear, guilt, shame and despair 

can get in and get a foothold, which covers up 

The Life and The Truth which is written in everybody's heart.  

In Ireland 

The Irish are governed by heathens who legalized the horror of abortion, brought in gay "marriage", is normalizing the issue of transgender, they brought into law the right to help 

suicidal people to kill themselves, so we could not expect them 

to be able to handle the blown out of all proportion issue of a flu 

virus called corona.

There are even many Catholics who are terrified of it, which 

might be an indicator of their level of faith in God. 

This type of fear comes from the devil. 

We are supposed to be ready for whatever comes, and in any case, 

sooner or later, we ARE going to die. 

We should live with this in mind every day.

But the government is going too far in their mockery when they keep 

repeating:  "We must save life", "we must protect the vulnerable" 

The bishops are not much better, they are collaborating with this,

and as a result we were deprived of Mass. 

There are few priests and bishops who has the courage to continue preaching and 

living out the true teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The reason Donal Trump is so popular is because he is NOT a politician,

he says exactly what he thinks without passing it through the political 

correctness filter, and he believes in the Only Son of God:


In contrary to Biden, who claims to be catholic and supports abortion.



The recently deceased US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2020) 

and Simone Veil, the french politician, both iconic champions of women's rights, 

more than being highly respected, they were both revered, by most liberals from the left. 

Simone Veil, an Auschwitz Holocaust survivor, apart from being a champion for 

European unity and being the first female president of the European Parliament, 

is best known for, as health minister, of bringing 

the legalization of abortion into law in France. (Law Veil), 

even though she recognized that abortion is a tragedy for women.


At the time she had no support from the government that she was part of; 

the centre-right administration of President Valéry Giscard D’Estaing, 

it was the support from the left wing opposition that helped her to get it through.  

After her proposal one lawmaker claimed it would each year kill twice as many people 

 as the Hiroshima bomb, she was accused of wanting genocide, and of throwing embryos 

into crematorium ovens, with reference to her own experience of Auschwitz.

I spoke with a french catholic nun the day after Simone Veil died; on June 30th 2017, 

and she said that in her opinion Simone Veil had been a great person, 

deeply admired and revered, and rightly so.

When I objected that abortion is a mortal sin, and completely against the teaching 

of the catholic church, a church that she herself  had dedicated her entire life to, 

she just looked at me, and did not answer. 

I saw recently a documentary on baby chimpanzees, it showed a couple who had 

dedicated their life to rescue as many of them as possible, as chimpanzees are an 

endangered species because adult females are hunted and killed for their meat, leaving 

the little babies orphaned and unable to survive. 

It was touching to see, and what was interesting was how the couple taught the little 

chimpanzees survival skills.  I was surprised to learn that, as animals, they do not 

have an inbuilt awareness that snakes, for example, are dangerous, but after having 

been shown by the adults, acting as replacements for their dead mother, 

the modelling behavior of how to react, being confronted with a snake, 

the little ones "got it" instantly. 


I am writing about the chimpanzees only as a demonstration of how conditioning works, 

because in this respect humans are the same; we literally download our family's and 

society's words and behavior. The repetition of messages from the media enters our brain

and becomes ours.

If we really want to know the truth we have to move beyond our personal and cultural 

conditioning, because the truth is objective, it never changes, and it can only be attained 

through Jesus, true God and true man, and his teaching.