The depopulation program?


The process called "shedding" is the programmed expression of the injected 

spike protein found in all the mRNA vaccines currently used on the world's 


It might be transmitted in some circumstances by vaccinated people 

to non vaccinated people, via the breath, saliva, sexual intercourse, skin.

Professors and experts in the field of immunology, virology and microbiology 

has been warning us about this for months, and now it seems to be taking place.

Not only is there pregnant women who has taken the vaccine who miscarry, 

but also pregnant non vaccinated women who has been in contact with vaccinated 

people who has miscarried soon after, and women not pregnant who has their 

menstrual cycles completely messed up after having been in close contact with 

vaccinated people. 

The vaccines themselves are still in phase 3 of the trials, so nobody, not even 

the vaccine producers themselves, knows the effects of the injections, which is 

why they have full indemnity.

Since the roll out started, we know a bit about some of the immediate effects, 

thrombosis; blood clots, severe skin reactions, miscarriages, blindness, death.

Obviously the long term effects are unknown, but the people participating

in this trial; those going for the vaccine, will give the result. 

So how did we end up in this crazy and dark scenario?

The loss of relationship with God brings a darkening of 

the intelligence; the ability to think logically and coherently.

In conversation about the vaccine program   I was asked by a normally reasonable person what I would do, when on an airplane, I would be the only person not vaccinated, since I would pose a risk to all the vaccinated people on board? This question shows the lack of logique which is so remarkable in all this.

Only having the world to rely on, if we don't know God, will bring fear, 

because once we see that the world is not trustworthy, the effect of betrayal 

and abandonment brings desperation. 

The many decades of indoctrination against God in our schools and universities

has succeeded in bringing abortion and same sex "marriage" in to law, and 

the corruption that we see in the Church and the government is only a reflection

and a consequence of the corruption of a large section of human minds in the 

general population.

This could not have happened without people allowing it to happen.

People do not know who they are, they do not know their faith, they do not 

understand, they are confused.  

Too many people are simply parrots, repeating what they 

hear from authority figures,  and especially they believe what they hear 

on the telly. This is how we ended up here. 

The pressure, threats and blackmail that the authorities are using to force 

people to accept the experimental covid injection shows more than anything

that this is not about protecting the people, it can not be for our benefit when 

many more people have concern about the "vaccine" than the virus.

Because we have the statistics on the deaths from the virus, it is 0.3 %.

So healthy people have no reason to be afraid of it, but what the government 

is doing, hand in hand with the media, with their 24/7 fearmongering,

is so evil and damaging, that I know that it can not come from a benign source, 

a source that wants to protect us.

I think people will come back to the Church, especially after experiencing 

how they can not trust the state to look after them. 

And the Church will come back to her true teaching, because the truth

about God and Man cannot be deleted.


Today is the 3rd anniversary of my marriage. 

Today is also the Church's feast day of  

Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort

a French Roman Catholic priest on whose teaching the retreats in 

Châteauneuf-de-Galaure is founded, and where

I have participated on numerous retreats. 

It was there I understood the true meaning of marriage. 

When my now husband and myself started to prepare our marriage, 

and after months, with much administration and stress,

we were eventually given a date by the town hall, 

(where all french marriages has to first take place, 

before they can be take place in a church), the date they gave us was

28. April: 

Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort's feast day!!  😀😀😀

Narrative and Truth

A mind narrative is a specific package of downloaded messages, 
that becomes "true" for a person, for as long as the person believes 
in it. 
The important part to remember is that the messages comes from the  
outside, be it by means of media or verbal transmission; hear-say. 
It creates a subjective reality.
Hear-say, because even though it might be true, partially true, or 
principally untrue, due to editing from the information giver, in order 
to convey what he wants,
we should not accept it as gospel, without researching it ourselves.
It is called a critical mind, a mind that is searching beyond the surface 
of things.
Someone who is looking for the truth, 
has to strictly adhere to hard facts.
He has to be objective; that means he has to put aside his personal 
desires for a specific outcome, his own leanings, 
what suits him etc, laziness, and he has to have control over his own 
fears and emotional reactions.
He has to engage his reason and develop his sense of logic. 
He has to put aside his ego, especially the need to be proven right.
He has to be open, in order to receive the utmost information, 
especially in engaging in his communications with other humans, 
because human communications extend far beyond the mere spoken 
words, they include body language, tone of voice, eyes, energy, etc.
Due to the propaganda that has been going on for decades
by the media, and especially by the TV, we have today arrived at a political 
correct narrative, from which we must not diverge without expecting 
Different viewpoints than those of the narrative regarding what is the norm 
and what is deviant, even if supported by factual statistics, are not accepted. 
In other words, censorship of free speech.
We should ask ourselves why is that?
Why should anyone feel threatened by someone else's viewpoint?
The right to free speech is fundamental in a democracy, nobody 
should be afraid of what someone else is saying, because each person
has autonomy over himself and can do what he likes with what he hears.

What is not good is when information is withheld, information that
could help someone else. 
I remember clearly my cousin, who was brought up by an atheist mother,
in his teenage years, complained bitterly that he would never, as long as 
he was under the influence of his mother, have the possibility to explore 
anything to do with God. She censored him. 

Regarding the masses, many people are not aware how influenced they 
actually are by what they hear and see on the telly, it has become an 
unconscious belief because it came from the telly, it must be true......
If most of western countries' respective national broadcaster say that there 
is a pandemic, for instance, well then we don't have to engage our brain nor 
our senses, it is just accepted.

It is strange, because everyone, literally everyone, says that they don't trust 
politicians, they say that the government is completely corrupt; looking out 
for their own interests instead of the people's interests, 
but at they same time they trust them when they say that there is a terrible 
pandemic that warrants everybody to be locked down and to be 
injected with an mRNA experimental gene altering product that has not gone 
through the safety trials, and for which the producers have no liability and which 
is not covered by private health insurance either. 
They are made from cells from aborted babies.
While a safe, efficient and cheap medication like Ivermectin, used for decades, 
is proved very successful against covid, but
is not talked about in the mainstream media?
Think about it.

Somebody just said to me this morning, that if what Professor Dolores Cahill 
of UCD, Professor of Immunology and Virology, says, is true, why do we not 
hear about it on RTE?
Because what she says does not fit the narrative.
There is censorship.
Another woman I spoke to, said she took the injection because she wanted to 
go on an airplane to see her son who lives in England. 
She was not obliged to be "vaccinated" by the airline, at that stage, it is 
still not the case, but she had done so because her son who is an 
ambulance driver, told her to, as he said people was very sick with the covid, 
and he wanted to protect her. 
She herself worked in a hospital as a clerk, and said that all 
the beds had been full with covid patients at the beginning of the declared
(The bit edited out is that most of them made a full recovery).
People that never looked after their health, who are obese, of many who has 
diabetes as a result, did get sick, it is why we should not let ourselves get to 
that point.
Some people are so brainwashed, and unable for independent thinking,
they simply repeat what they have heard from others; parrots. 

For over a year we are supposed to have had a pandemic of a deadly virus.
This is why we had to stay at home, wear masks, and now be injected.
I know of people who has had the covid virus, and they are all fine, 
it was no big deal.
We would not have known about it, if there had not been all the intense 
attention on it, one could say that it has been the object of a daily advertising 

"Do not put your trust in princes, 
Nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help."
(Psalm 146:3)
("Princes" : those who holds power)
And then there is the tests; if that had not been there, somebody's headache 
and sore throat would not have been interesting to anyone. 
In other words; if the television did not advertise the covid campaign, nobody 
would know that there was a pandemic. 
Yes, some people have gotten very sick, and died too,
from the virus, which is the way things are every year, especially every winter, 
old and frail people and people with underlying health problems, die, as their 
immune system cant fight the virus, it is a fact.
But the biggest subliminal message in all of this is the idea they convey that 
nobody should die. 
It is as if they are now saying that physical death has become abnormal, 
but with my own brain I recognize as an established fact that death is normal.
Anyone who wants to pretend that death is a new phenomena that can and must 
be avoided, is a liar.
It is easy to pull the wool over people's eyes, to give an impression of something 
based on flimsy evidence, like the PCR tests, for example,  
to perpetuate the illusion of a pandemic, by testing people that are not ill, 
with a system that does not give a definite result of an infection.
Why would you invest so much money by testing people who are not
ill, to see if they are in fact ill? 
Could it have something to do with those numbers 
they keep churning out every night on the telly?
Their apparent concern to protect those most vulnerable, by putting the entire 
population in prison, does not make sense. It is illogical.
Surely you would isolate the old and vulnerable instead, and let everybody else, 
who has normal immune systems, get on with their lives?

So my mind, which is looking for the truth, comes to the logical conclusion that 
there is something else at play. I don't have the answers, but the most probable
reason seems having to do with power, control, and of course, money.
Nothing new there. Since the beginning of time, since the Fall of Man, this is the 
way proven hard facts has shown us what goes on in this world.
People sometimes say that people who no longer believe in God, becomes vulnerable
to believing almost anything else;  they may become easy prey to be duped into 
believing what is false. 
"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by 
the renewing of your mind. 
Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—
his good, pleasing and perfect will."  
(Romans 12:2)
Surrendering to ourselves; letting go of our own mind and feelings, 
opinions, interpretations, ego, and completely lean on God, 
(because with the inherent intelligent intuition which is in everybody, 
we know deep down He must exist) is the way to finding truth.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own 
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths."
(Proverbs 3:5-6) 

This is not easy, as it clashes with the worldly narrative, 
because to go with the flow of the world is comfortable.
And yet that is what we are called to do.

“Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to 
destruction, and those who enter by it are many.
(Matthew 7:13)