Church and state


If we needed more proof, the lockdowns surely provided it; 

the Church is under the authority of the state, she can only operate 

in the measure that she has permission to, by the state.

In this way we have the 2 directly opposite powers; 

divine and terrestrial, mixed,

with the only possible result of dilution of the transmission 

of the full Divine Truth,

Eternal Wisdom and Eternal Life which can only be obtained through

the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church.

Hardly anybody receives proper catechism today; protestantism,

subjective misinterpretations, blurred vagueness and confusion are the 

order of the day.

The one universal church that pope Francis is putting in place has no 

room for Jesus Christ, it is completely earthly;

ideologies of all kinds, blatant paganism, ecology, globalist politics 

of mass immigration; to make one big mix; mix of all races, all colours, 

all cultures, to leave us with one unique grey colour of uniformity. 

Is that what we want?




What is being SAID versus what is being HEARD


Words are real substance; they have the true power to destroy or to build.

Frequently, spoken words are not understood by the person to 

whom the words are spoken, because he perceives, 

presumes, and interprets the words incorrectly.

He might even come back after and accuse the speaker of not having explained

things properly, or maybe of having misled him.


Words that we are accustomed to hearing, might become just background 


we listen to them, and we might even repeat them ourselves, but not 

necessarily hear them anymore.

But often when something happens that changes our perspective; that snaps 

us out of the ordinary which we are accustomed to, our perception becomes 

heightened, we hear, words sink in.


What stands in the way, is each individual's interpretation.

The cultural aspect is extremely significant; its not enough to understand 

the actual language, but all the connotations within it.


It is also true for The Word of God, we understand it differently, but 

there the difference is that The Word of God is true for everybody, it is the 

Truth that WAS, IS, and WILL ALWAYS BE.


In the Catholic doctrine, we are asked to surrender our personal interpretation

of everything and everybody, because they are blockages to God.

They literally stand in the way, we have to make a way through our individual 

minds with all its complex and unconscious operations, its storage of hurt, 

memories and interpretations, of judging (condemning) others and thus 


We must become small, (humble) so that the living God, who lives in us, can 

become big in us: so that He is accorded space in us, in order to shine and grow.  

We have to forgive, even if people don't recognize what they have done wrong,

because un-forgiveness is not possible with God. It is poisonous energy.


Catholics are not called to be social workers, , we are not called to work any

political agenda, neither to become environmentalists,  we should not be living 

according to earthly values. 

We live in the world, but not of the world, 

for this world is not reality, 

it is fleeting and illusionary.


Catholics are called to one thing, and one thing only: 

to unite our hearts to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Our prayers; Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, 

all the mysteries of the Rosary,

the Stations of the Cross, 

All The Sacraments, (especially The Sacrament 

of Reconciliation: Confession), 

The Mass, 

Sacred Scripture reading are necessary.


In order to overcome ourselves, we have to go through ourselves, 

we have to accept our crosses;  pain and loss, there are no bypasses.