Natural and supernatural


I do not know why so many non-believers have the idea that Christian 

believers who believe in the existence of the supernatural, think that we 

somehow deny for this reason the existence of natural law and sciences, 

as if we think that the two are incompatible......., this is absurde and untrue.


The word supernatural, from the Latin supernaturalis

super  =  over, above, beyond 

naturalis = natural, nature  

is not a contradiction or opposition to nature, it is an addition, it goes further. 

It breaks through natural limitations, it goes beyond the physical realm, into 

the realm from where God operates.

Human beings are made in the image and likeness of God, who meant for 

us to live in this realm in intimate relationship with Him. 

Once we wake up to the horrors of the reality of how we disregard and sin 

against this infinite creative power that we call God, we do all we can to make 

amends, while we can, because time is short, and nobody knows the day nor 

the hour. 

Pray, confess, repent, receive Holy Communion. Surrender completely.