How to pray?


The disciples asked Jesus how to pray and 

He taught them the "Our Father" prayer.

He said to address oneself in prayer in the same way as one would come to one's 

own biological father; with trust and confidence of being heard and taken care of.

I can't help but to think about all the children who has grown up without the presence 

of a father and also of all those who has grown up in the presence of an aggressive 

and violent father, something  that can destroy all trust in men and father figures. 

Because it's about trust and faith. The prayer that comes from the heart is pure. 

And after a prayer of supplication we have to LET GO. 

We do not dwell or worry about it, we simply continue to pray in confidence.

When our minds comes back to torment us with the : "but what if my prayers aren't 

heard" thoughts, because that will probably happen, it is Satan who wants to 

discourage us. 

We tell him to go away.

The most important element in a Catholic's life is total surrender of  ourselves. 

"Your will be done on earth (in us) as it is in Heaven"

Doing acts of Faith every day, during an ordinary day there are many opportunities 

to do that.

Never to lose focus that we are all one day going to pass through the door of 

physical death. That reminder is in so many of our prayers, to help us to get a 

proper perspective on our daily life today.

The "what if I don't get this or that"  ought  to be replaced with " thank you Lord, 

for everything you have given me".

If the focus is always on the one thing that we don't have, we put a veritable blockage 

in the way. 

That doesn't mean that we don't continue to pray for it, but the most important thing is 

that we hand ourselves over into His hands. 

If the problem persists it provides us however with a way to come much closer to 

the Lord; we can totally accept the situation as it is and let go of all resistance to it. 

We can offer up to God our sufferings like a gift and unite them to His sufferings 

for us.  It is true freedom. 


These photos are from 1983 when I got married in the Vatican by Saint Pope John Paul 2.





It was a big occasion, there was quite an amount of publicity around the event. 

Saint peter's Basilica was full to capacity, Saint Peter's Square was packed; we 

were on the telly, on the news, in newspapers and magazine articles.

My ex husband was brought up in the Catholic Faith by good Catholic parents, he was a practicing Catholic when we met, and instrumental in me wanting to become Catholic.

But he himself lost the faith completely a few years after.

I obtained an annulment by the Catholic Church in 2012.

The photos underneath are from my marriage in 2018, celebrated by a Deacon in the 

Catholic Church of Notre Dame de Lorette in Paris. 

(After obligatory separate civil ceremony)   

We were 9 people.

My Parisien husband comes from an anti-Catholic Church family,

he had not been baptized, his mother had even refused him to go to catechism classes 

with some of his friends when he was little and he wanted to go there. 

He is now baptized in the Holy Catholic Church.







Everybody is impressed by power; worldly power, numbers, quantity, riches, 
publicity, power to control other people.
However, we are all insignificant and we will all disappear from this world and 
be forgotten.
All true power lies with God, 
He can do ALL things, to those who believe. 

I love the Church and I want to protect her, and coming from a position of having been protected and helped by her, I do fully believe that marriage is indissoluble, we marry once, and unless the marriage has not been consummated, it can not end. I obtained an
annulment, and there was good grounds, but now, it seems to be easier and easier to obtain it, so then how can we really distinguish between a Church annulment and a civil divorce which is incompatible with sacramental participation of the Catholic Church. 

Marriage can be really hard. In some Eastern Churches the couple exchange crucifixes during the marriage ceremony, as a reminder that when the hard times comes, in whatever form, when your spouse causes you pain, that pain is the cross to which you promised God that you would be faithful.

Loving God and loving others is not principally about feelings but about faithfulness.