The First Glorious Mystery: The Resurrection Of Jesus

The empty grave 



From His Conception to His Death, Jesus caused consternation,

upset, shock, admiration, amazement, love; He deeply impacted 

the lives around Him. He performed many miracles, and His 

speech were words of authority.


But in the end He was brought like a lamb to the slaughter, 

in the utmost disgrace and humiliation, He was put to death

on a cross between two criminals.

He died, and He was buried in a grave.


When the women came back to the tomb, in order to anoint 

His body, the heavy stone which had been put in front of the

opening, was no longer there,

they looked inside and the body was not there, only the shroud 

that His body had been buried in, remained.

The profession of the catholic faith says that we believe in

"the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body".

If we confess our sins in Confession, they are forgiven, if we work

constantly on our own sanctification, on becoming united to God,

we will rise up to God, to Heaven, when our souls have been purified.

We come out of God, we go back to God.


What we do in the short time we have available to us in this earthly 

dimension, is very important, because God didn't just create us so 

we should grow up, go to work, earn money, reproduce, grow old 

and then die.


Having an interior, spiritual life, a life of prayer, of communion with

The Source that made us, raises the consciousness to a higher level. 

The higher dimension that escapes people that only occupy

themselves with worldly things.


"Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, 

but on every word that comes from the mouth of God."

 Matthew 4:4


This not only raises the mind and the spirit, but sometimes also 

the physical body; in the history of the Catholic Church there has 

been many cases of levitation by nuns in enclosed 


And there is also the supernatural ability to be physical present 

in two places at the same time; bi-location, the most famous of 

our time of this would be Padre Pio.


When we die, our soul leaves the body. 

There are countless testimonies from people who have been 

clinically dead and have been brought back to life, who all 

say the same thing; they left the body passing through a sort

of a tunnel, and when they were out; they were 

looking down at "themselves"; their body.


The soul belongs to God, it animates the body, it gives it life

during our earthly life.


Imagine spending a life-time without giving this a second thought.


Fruit of Mystery: A more lively Faith.

May the grace of this Mystery come into our soul. 



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