To be "whole" means that all parts of a human being; spiritual, physical, 
mental, psychological, emotional,  is united to form a "whole". 
Out of that word came the word "holy",  a holy person is simply 
an integrated person, all those elements are integrated into one. 
At that level, nothing contradictory remains in the person, nothing is 
hidden and hypocrisy is impossible. 
When I was called an integrist by someone in France, I felt honoured, 
even though I knew it was meant in the derogatory sense; integrist = fundamentalist=extremist.

 It is about unity

In this moment of  time we are looking into the abyss 
of dictatorship and forced genetic engineering,  
fascism is no longer something that happens elsewhere,  
it is happening to us.

Only by uniting can we stop it.


 Unity starts with the individual:

The unity of soul, spirit, mind, body, psychology, emotions;
all united to the will of God.
Since we have fallen from grace, it is a constant battle.

In marriage the coming together of 2 bodies of the 
opposite sex, created physically and specifically for the purpose.
The work of the 2 minds, 2 beings, is to undertake the enormously 
difficult commitment of pledging to overcome all the difficulties that 
their union entails. To love and honour God through the other person.

This is not possible by human strength alone, and in the 
true Catholic Church divorce is not possible, this union provides nearly 
always, crosses, which we need in order to grow in God's love.
If we are  able to accept suffering without automatically looking 
for a cure or a way out, we can use it consciously to unite ourselves with 
Jesus, who suffered like us in every way;
physically, psychologically, emotionally.
"All love craves unity. As the highest peak of love in the human order 
is the unity of husband and wife in the flesh, so the highest unity in 
the Divine order is the unity of the soul and Christ in communion."
Bishop Fulton J.Sheen
Out from the family unit we do our best to live in unity with the wider 
community. From micro to macro.
People, together.
In situations of crisis we know that people come together, 
united for a common cause. 
The moment has arrived again,
To fight the enemy, for he has unveiled himself. 

Jesus; true God and true Man, lies dormant in each and every 
Still hibernating in most , starting to wake up in others, 
getting dressed in some, getting ready to go to work in a few!


Authority; what to do?


The Covid 19 virus can be dangerous for people with underlying conditions, 

particularly conditions that has to do with the respiratory system, e.g. asthma. 

Also, as stated from the beginning, old, frail people and OBESE people, 

are at higher risk.

The Taoiseach in waiting; Mary Lou McDonald, condemned strongly the 

people of her own city; Dublin, who 8 days ago were out on the streets 

protesting against the lockdown. 

I think that caused another section of society to wake up.

Because the right to protest when our human rights are taken from us, 

has in this country a very special link with the IRA and it's political wing 

Sinn Fein.

For Mary Lou McDonald to come out with her condemnation like she did, 

must have been like a punch in the solar plexus for many of her supporters 

who were out on the streets.

It is just a reminder that power corrupts, that what you say you represent, 

and who you represent, before you get into government, is very often 

forgotten afterwards.

Mary Lou warned against joining the protest in Cork yesterday, 

and sad to say, there was indeed a very small turnout. 

But sure, why would anyone bother, when one receives money for doing 


(even though after 1 year it is becoming extremely tedious to do nothing), 

but no great urgency is felt, there is no outrage, because the stomach is full, 

nobody is hungry. 

People still trust, because there is no opposition; well, there is, 

but those voices are silenced very quickly.....








 And since we are part of the EU, here is the Belgian Minister for HEALTH:





Everybody at risk should protect themselves.

But why should the rest of the population, whose immune system can cope

with this infection, be held in prison for a year? 

When there is a safe, tried and trusted medication in the form of a simple tablet; 

IVERMECTIN, proven to be very efficient in the treatment of Covid?

It has been used for decades.

A lockdown is always the very last solution, in a case of situations similar to 

the Black Death, but this has never been the case with Covid.

The Lockdown is to the detriment of the economy, mental health, education, 

society as a whole.

Does it make sense to you?      It doesn't to me, it just does not add up.

I know quite a few people who has been infected, and I am pretty sure I have 

had it myself, although I did not have a test. 

Covid is not pleasant, it is never pleasant to be sick, for God sake, 

but the advantage is that in this way we acquire immunity.


The "normal", "average" citizen has faith in the State, they believe that the 

State will take care of them, and that it wants what is best for them.

It is not unreasonable to think that, we may have very good reason to think it;

there was a health system there for us when we needed it, they educated our 

children, they gave them jobs, etc. 

Why would we not continue to trust them now too?


It is now well known that the PCR tests carried out to determine Covid

positivity or negativity, are wholly unreliable, but with the massive testing 

carried out is only for the purpose to create numbers "infected" every day 

that they tell us in the mainstream media. The numbers presented on the telly

as "died with Covid", means that someone who dies for any reason whatsoever,

but has obtained a positive result from a PCR test, even though they might not 

have had any symptoms, are registered as "dying with Covid".

Indeed the second oldest person in the world; the 117 year old French nun 

Sister André, did't even realise she had the virus......

Our leaders are only mere humans, like yourself and myself. 

In terms of subjecting ourselves to authority, we only need to think back when 

we were small, when we were totally dependent on adults; usually our parents, 

but also those who were running "mother and babies" homes.

Both in families and institutions there was terrible mistreatment and abuse 

of all sorts done to innocent and defenseless children.

I think most of it happened more out of ignorance than deliberate


And remember, the human psyche is complex, and still largely undiscovered.

As children we did not have the autonomy or power to break free from tyranny.

But we do now.


Sadly the Irish Catholic Bishops joined in from day one, it is pathetic.

They have publicly castigated any of their priests that has had the courage to 

celebrate Mass or distribute Holy Communion since the so called pandemic 

1 year ago, because they work for God and they need to feed their flock.


Also, warnings against taking the "vaccine" (mRNA technology), which has 

cells from aborted babies, (therefore Catholics who are against abortion will 

not concede to taking it on moral grounds)

and in addition the vaccine has not terminated it's trial period,  

(therefore it's producers have been given total indemnity!!!),   

this gives plenty of reason for not wanting it, but that also is crushed by the 

Church's authority.

(Fr Ted Sheehan of Glounthaune, Cork, 28.Feb.)


Pope Francis using his authority to threaten the staff of the Vatican, 

if they don't vaccinate, they risk losing their job, does that sound normal 

to you?

If we were dealing with the Plague, yes, but this is not, and has never been, 

the case with Covid. 

Mister Bergoglio (otherwise known as the pope)  is the same man who said 

the vaccine is morally acceptable, despite the aborted babies, because the 

abortions  are in the past (!),  he promoted gay civil union, he has encouraged 

transgenderism, he is wholly and enthusiastically into the climate change cult, 

he works for the Catholic Church's unification with all other religions of the 

world for the "Brotherhood of man"....etc. 

In other words, he does not work for the Catholic Church.

Seriously, as a Catholic I give him zero authority over my life choices.


We need to stand up to people in authority when we see that they do not know 

what they are doing.   There are more of us than them. Are you willing, 

do you have the courage to do what you can, and to risk losing a bit of your 

own comfort and security?