Catholic Church on the street




To those who insists that God does not exist, 

that people do not believe in God,

that the Catholic Church is finished; 

I am happy to announce to you that this is not the case. 

Body Of Christ


The Eucharist
Most faithful Catholics are concerned by what is going on in the Catholic Church.
That is a good sign. It is important to verbalize it, to explain what is wrong, and 
why it is wrong.
The next move is then to find a way to improve the situation; what to do, 
and how to do it?
Our human tendencies will be to protest loudly and to get stuck in a prolonged 
revolt, which will lead to, inevitably, sooner or later, one way or another,   
a separation from the Church. 

We should never forget about Luther, he is our best reminder as to what happens 
when we go down the route of loudly revolting and protesting, when it 
becomes political.  We must avoid that.

The best way is to focus on sanctifying ourselves, all the time keeping the focus 
on Him, The Holy One, who has redeemed us from our own sins. 
This will take up all our time and concentration.

And that is the purpose of the Church; to sanctify us.

It is also worth keeping in mind that the outrages and the betrayal of Christ 
taking place within the ranks of the clergy today, is not a new phenomenon. 
But our response must never be to go to war, it must be to imitate Christ, 
who did not fight nor justify Himself when He was tortured and put to death 
on a Cross.
Remember that it wasn't even the civil authorities who wanted Him dead 
those 2000 years ago,   
it was the authorities in the top ranks of the church of the time  
(the Jewish temple)
the High priests, who insisted on it.
We don't need to delve into Church history, apart from realizing that from the 
Beginning the world has always tried to kill God, by it's revolt and 
disobedience, it will no doubt continue to do so.
God who created everything, and who created human beings in His image, 
can not be killed off, it is simply illogical; as He is the Source of Life.

We must become more aware of the sacredness of Life, and  our words and 
actions must always strive to reflect His Life in us.
I do not know exactly when it became common practice to have 
Ministers of The Eucharist in the Catholic Church, neither do I know why, 
I only imagine than that it had to do with practical reasons, 
to reduce the time of Holy Communion during Mass.
It was a grave mistake; The Holy Mass is an offering and sacrifice, 
at the moment of the priest's Consecration, by the act of  Transubstantiation,
The Eucharist is the Real Body and Blood of Our Lord.
Jesus taught his apostles how to offer Mass and to give his Real Body and Blood 
to those who believe in Him during the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.
When the Church delegates that to non priests, to lay people who often do not 
even  believe in the Real Presence, it is easy to understand that it undermines 
the Church herself, it takes the sacred and makes it profane. 

After that had been normalized it is easy to understand why so few of the ones 
who comes to the table of Our Lord in Holy Communion goes to Confession.
Because Holy Communion has been made "easily available",  the other 
Sacraments have lost their full meaning, depht and significance too.
A true and genuine Confession is not easy nor comfortable, but it is the only 
way for serious sins to be removed, there are no short cuts. 
Just like there ought not to be any short cuts at Mass, ("to save time"), 
because during Mass we enter into the Timeless.
To present oneself for Holy Communion without ever reflecting on personal 
behavior and examination of one's conscience, without confessing our sins 
and without making reparation for them, is a sacrilege. It can not possibly 
increase His presence in us, as He can not operate in a person that is ignorant 
and closed. Doing so works against us, it increases our pride and arrogance.
The Sacraments of the Church has been brought down to a level of the world, 
the supernatural has been greatly diminished.
The Eucharist must be received with the greatest reverence, and ought to only 
pass from the hands of a consecrated priest.
It is not modernization, as in a good thing, to use ministers of the Eucharist; 
it is rather following the culture of the world of instant food, and instant 
satisfaction in everything.

But the teaching of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church is not of this world!
It is the opposite, it is contrary to human nature, that is why we must not lean 
on our human nature.
Jesus was God and human, but His human nature was entirely filled with 
God's substance.

All people that are baptized in the name of The Father, The Son and 
The Holy Spirit are Children of God. 

Practicing Catholics makes up the Church. 
In order to participate actively in her continual need of restoration for the sins 
committed against her, very often from the inside, we must understand the 
value of the Sacraments, and live them.
It is the same principle as in life in general people will recognize that 
"without pain there is no gain",
and that good results are only obtained by putting in time, effort and sacrifices.
Only this will improve things in the Church.
Continued protests will not have a good result, again think of Martin Luther.
Then, visualize Jesus, infinite powerful, God Himself, soft and humble at heart, 
carrying his cross without protest, trusting in the will of God the Father, 
who was the same as Himself. 
Doing the will of God will always improve things. 


Transmission of The Catholic Faith


In order to be able to understand anything, it is necessary to first

receive information.  This is what all education is about.


In regard to the Catholic doctrine the catechism received forms the entire 

basis of our understanding.

The catechism is very varied today, depending on where we live and the 

extent to which our family of origin deems it important, 

(if received as children.)


And then the all important element of our own willingness and openness 

to understanding and to putting into practice what has been transmitted to 



But the transmission itself as absolutely crucial; if it is done well

the recipients will want nothing else than to follow it and implement it in 

their own lives. Due to the way and the skill of the delivery their own 

intelligence has been illuminated, and they can see for themselves that 

nothing else in their life compares in importance.


Everybody recognizes the futility of forcing anybody to do anything against 

their will; in the case of children, yes, parents can make their children attend 

catechism classes even if the children don't want to, but it will not bear fruit.


Equally important; the person who transmits the information has to be a 

person of  integrity,

there has to be correlation between the words spoken and their personality, 

their behavior, how they treat you.

It is the latter that actually makes the understanding sink in; the words that has 

been received by the brain will be able to go down into the heart and soul.


Because there in our hearts The Word of God is already engraved, and the 

information received is then recognized by ourselves as the Truth.


We don't need a doctorate in psychology to understand that the dissonance

between the teaching and the teacher will effect the result in a negative way.

How often do we hear people say that: 

"they don't even understand themselves what they are teaching"? 


For anyone who has been lucky enough to have had good, solid priests who 

have themselves been formed correctly, to teach and guide us, sufficient

understanding has been able to enter, and thus our own continued willingness

to go deeper and to grow stronger in Faith is established, 

it will never be a case of "enough is enough". 


And then there is the enemy to the Truth, he is never far away, this pathetic

character is constantly trying to pull down, tear apart, divide, debase, manipulate.

Just like God is omnipresent, this guy is also everywhere. 

In fact, the two of them are usually together. 

God can only be found in His entirety in the true teachings of The Holy Catholic Church.

Thank you God for all your holy priests.