Purification, Divinisation

Praying the Rosary regularly enlightens a person as to the mysteries of the Faith.

The Joyful, the Sorrowful, the Glorious mysteries, I pray those 15 decades every day.

In reading the Holy scripture every morning, and praying the  Rosary, we do the summing up of

the Catholic catechism, because the Rosary is the entire Gospel in prayer.

Today I saw the link between the 4. Joyful mystery; The Presentation in the Temple, also called the

Purification in the Temple, and the 4.Sorrowfull mystery; the Carrying of the Cross.

In yesterdays second reading we were reminded  that we are the temple of God's Holy Spirit.

We need constant purification, by our entire willpower we must be willing to undergo a deep

transformation, to clean ourselves, to rid ourselves of everything that blocks our relationship

with Our Creator, who desires to live in an intimate relationship with every one of us.

In this process, we have to be willing also, to confront  every cross, small or big,

a current one or old ones that has not been dealt with.

This is often frightening, or heavy work, and unconsciously we want to avoid doing just that.

And alone, or even with a therapist, it can be risky.

But by truly aligning oneself with Jesus,  as He willingly carried His Cross, after having been

tortured and knowing He was going to die an agonizing death, our deepest wounds can be healed.

The crucifixion of Jesus really took place, it is a historical fact. He underwent that, so that you and

me can be free, and find our way back to God.

In the 4. Glorious mystery, the Assumption of our Mother Mary, we consecrate ourselves to her, so

that she will always protect us, guide us, teach us, and correct us while all this is going on.

We are her children, and also her pupils.

What a perfect and beautiful religion! 

The adversary

It is the adversary who hampers and obstructs our relationship with God,

it is for that reason really important to be aware and not to live in denial regarding his existence.

How does he operate, what does he look like, what does he feel like, what does he sound like?

He is cunning, but on closer examination we see that he is not intelligent, he is actually stupid.

He is often attractive looking, people fall for him because of it. But in reality he is ugly.
He is a liar, but in the end it is himself who gets caught in his own web of lies.
He thinks only of himself, but in the end it is he that suffers as a result.
He is very often not clear, he contradicts himself, in an effort to confuse.

He biggest weapon is FEAR, because he knows how efficient that is.

To live in a state of constant fear, anxiety, terror, tension, he knows that we will not be able to trust in the goodness and abundance that God has already given us.
For example to be afraid of not having enough, of not being succesfull enough, that is a triumph for him.

Another one is JEALOSY,  now there, he is laughing, it is so easy for him..........

HOPELESSNESS, BITTERNESS, SHAME,   all come directly from him.

He is completely aware of the existence of God, that is why he tries to block our path to Him,
since he is the opponent.

He is pitiful, we should really feel sorry for him. 

But we must be very aware of his existence, because his biggest trick of all is to make us believe that he does not exist!  



Conversion: resetting of configurations

Pride, arrogance      

Desire for revenge                                                     
Turning the other cheek

Doing things for oneself                                            
Helping others

Seeking admiration, worldly ambition                                 
A desire for God

Judging, Interpreting, Condemning others                 
Looking at oneself

Instant gratification of biological needs                  
Self control

Putting material things and money first                  
 Putting prayer first

Living in fear and anxiety                                                    
Always trusting God

Trusting the media, worldly authority                                  
Believing in God

Follow your feelings                                               
Follow the precepts of the Lord

Follow, imitate, others                                             
Follow the straight line that leads to God


Always trying to avoid pain                                     
Accepting pain when it presents itself

Putting pressure on others and yourself                   
Respecting everyone's free will

There is much more...... and it is not complicated, but it is however, often really difficult.......

But it is worth it, because

When we move closer to God, God draws nearer to us.