Non resistance / Non compliance


We are told to love our enemies, to turn the other cheek, to bless those that curse us, to do good to those that hate us, and pray for those that use and persecute us.


We do not go to war against them nor we do not take revenge, we keep our human reactions under control and we need to react in contradiction to them.


To remain civil to a person that is nasty or has bad intentions can be hard enough, but to respond in a way that does not reflect what has taken place, but "with love" is what it is about.


We need a strong prayer life which enables us to be alert and to stay awake, so that we know what is going on and we can make the right decisions in our life, in accordance with God's Law and always to remember that in the end everything has to be accounted for. 


It's complicated to live in a world that hates humanity, we are born into this, and it's a fine balancing act every single day to 

"live in the world but not according to it". 


When every profession is corrupt and deceitful, the best and most efficient way to respond is non resistance.


That does not however mean cooperation with evil, "letting them get away with it" and offering no fight, on the contrary;

the vigilance and alertness mentioned earlier is of utmost importance all the time.


Because if we let bad things happen without doing anything we become participants in it.


Simultaneously offering no resistance to it we also do not comply with it, 

we withdraw our energy from it. We peacefully and decisively say no. 

The bullying, threats, pressure and aggression might continue but the non resistance and non compliance is  much more powerful  than creating or participating in overt opposition.


This is real resistance. 


This way their balloon quietly becomes deflated.


But unfortunately too many people do not recognize evil and lies, they do not believe in God and therefore are not aware of the existence of evil either, so they might either become victims or they might become perpetrators. 






 Good Friday Timeline of Jesus' Death



Some leave the Catholic Church to join a protestant community or 

another Christian church because it is easier, it is less demanding; 

more aligned to the world.


But what did Jesus say when He was brought before Pilate?


"Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants 

would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my 

kingdom is from another place.”

 John 18:36


They might say it is because they find it more "human", more "kind", 

but the truth is that in the Catholic Church practicing Catholics are asked 

to "carry their crosses" and there is far less emphasis on that in the other 

Christian churches.

Crosses are everything that is difficult or painful in any way whatsoever.


The thing about suffering is that they are hidden opportunities. 

We are talking about things that occur in the course of our life, 

events and situations, big and small,  on a daily basis, not masochistic 

behaviour, the latter rather being a problem of psychological nature.


Suffering can be entered into, we can be fully present with it, we can use it, 

offer it up, to God. 


Even small things like having to wait in a queue, waiting in an airport, 

feeling lonely, being bored, etc, are opportunities that can be used.


If we are being insulted, misunderstood, abused, bullied, slandered, 

belittled, forgotten, ignored, etc, we can use that as well, by not retaliating. 

Turn the other cheek, love the one who hates you. 

(admittedly this is more difficult because of our pride, but imagine how 

strong we can become by this practice!)


We are like coins which has 2 sides, one of "the world", the other being

our eternal souls.

Our worldly side does not want pain of any sort, it will automatically try

to avoid it, flee from it, suppress it, medicate it, repress it, deny it, get rid of it, 

or at least; to reduce it to a minimum. We are trying to "save ourselves". 


In Luke 17:33 (ESV)  we see that:  

"Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his 

life will keep it".

and in the New Living translation:

"If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, 

you will save it".


 and in  Mark 8:35:

"For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses 

his life for My sake and for the gospel will save it."

For example; divorce and abortion, appear to be solutions, but both of them 

creates deep wounds and disorder, personally and socially. 

It is about putting everything into the hands of God, surrendering to His 

will, and not following our own will and our own inclinations, because they 

are not trustworthy and can change at any moment.  


The Catholic faith might seem paradoxical at first glance , but it isn't, 

because underneath the surface and the workings of this material world 

God's eternal truth never changes. 

Anything that we have a natural resistance to, can be utilized for our 

spiritual gain. It is a practice, a training program, if you will. 

Hunger, for example; nature seeks to satisfy it, but  Jesus said :


“It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that 

comes from the mouth of God.’”

Matthew 4:4


That is why fasting has always been an important part of Catholic practice.

There are so many excesses in the world, but another one that 

come to mind is the natural inclination to boost our egos, 

to feed it by, unconsciously perhaps, seeking praise and admiration 

from others, while maybe on the surface appearing humble.  

But true humility is extremely rare.


Saint Therese of Lisieux is a good example of suffering; 

the emotional trauma of loosing her mother and then her mother-figure;

her older sister, which caused a nervous breakdown, was beneficial 

and an aide in her spiritual life. Later on she also suffered physically 

as she died a slow and painful death of tuberculosis. 

She had developed the art and mastery of using suffering as a means to 

unite herself with Jesus, and she said that we should never waste any 

opportunity that come our way to offer up our pain to God.

Saint Therese also endured harsh treatment by her Mother Superior, 

and she made use of that as well, by being extra nice in response.

(turn the other cheek) ( love those who hate you)


Catholic priests and nuns are celibate; it is because it is difficult,

they are crosses, willingly and freely accepted suffering. It is radical.

In the Catholic Church sex outside marriage is not allowed, this restraint

demands a serious focus of the entire person in all the aspects of his life, 

because marriage is also difficult; it can often become crosses, but we 

promised to be true to the holy pact we made with each other and with God 

that no matter what happens, we will stay the course. 

Our spouse might be the cross we suffer daily.   


It is the focus, the concentration, the discipline, that brings inner unity 

and stability, first of all to the person, and then to the unity of marriage.


Crosses can be gifts even though they are not wrapped in nice wrapping paper.

How many Catholics understand the Mystery of the Cross?


I remember a young man who suffered from multiple sclerosis who I met on a 

pilgrimage many years ago, who, despite being active in the Church told me how 

outrageous he thought it was that a priest had said to him that his illness 

was a gift.

People in general are outraged if you try to suggest that there are benefits

to be drawn from suffering, because human nature will always shun it.


But Jesus said: 

"Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their 

cross daily and follow me."

Luke 9:23


Attachements and dependency


It is Jesus Christ who draws people to Himself, and our attachment is to Him.

To have members of the congregation, including the priest, in the Church, 

"welcoming" "new" people to the Church is  totally misplaced; by so doing 

they put the focus on themselves and takes away the focus on God, which 

ought to be the reason for going to Mass. 

It is a gesture of pride and a display of self importance. 

These are the same people that will slander you and gossip about you,

then they will deny it, and they will never apologize to you. So it's clear that we 

must not depend or count on people, we are warned against it in the Bible.

- It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

- Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom.

- Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.

- It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.

Psalms 118:8-9 - It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.  

- For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.


The teaching of the Church must be implemented in all our actions and words, 

through and with our body and mind. It is in no way separate from the entire 

experience of our daily life. 

Jesus; Son of God and Son of Man, was fully God and fully human; He felt 

pain and hunger and temptation just in the same way as we do. 

Yet He trusted fully in God the Father;

God the Father who was not separate from Himself, because He was One with 

the Father. 

The Catholic Faith is based on reason and logic; it depends on us using our intelligence. 

But it must be applied and lived in the body, it must never just remain in the academic 

sphere.  If so, it is no more than a sort of entertainment, an activity; something that 

"takes us out of ourselves". 

If our main motivation for going to Mass is to be able to meet people and if we fail 

to go to Mass in a parish where we don't know the people, 

then we are not practicing Catholics. We are then following people, we have an 

attachment to people, and we are not following Jesus, we are following the world.


But our dependency is on Jesus, we must lean on Him alone.  

We are not to be attached to anything on earth, only to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

"Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it 

abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me." 

John 15:4


We live in the world, but not according to the world.


Mass is a Sacrifice first of all, and we should unite ourselves 

to the Sacrifice that Jesus made for US in his Passion and Death on the Cross. 

He did it completely willingly, He never resisted and never tried to avoid it, it was 

supposed to happen, it was not a terrible tragic accident, it was planned, 

in order to redeem us.  

Are we willing to suffer even just a little bit in return? 


Whatever our burdens are, maybe unresolved emotional or psychological pain; 

Jesus asks us to to give it to Him; hand it over to Him.

The yoke He gives us in return is easy to carry; to serve Him and to be obedient 

to His teachings. 

We also have a loving and powerful mother in His Mother Mary; our Queen 

and our Mother too.


Yes, we must love, be kind and take especially care of the ones close to us, 

our children, family, and we are attached to them in a deeply personal way, 

but otherwise, we must never use, cling to or depend on people for our well 


It is folly to do so because sooner or later they will let you down. 

We must never cling and hang on to people.

To do so is dependency; seeking security in parent figures, something 

has not grown up to become fully autonomous and independent. 

Our brothers and sisters


There is only one God.

He can only be accessed through His Only Son Jesus Christ; this we 

affirm as Christians. 

There are fundamental differences between the different religions, 

we have to be logical; if there was no substantial difference between 

them, the existence of different religions would not be a fact.


We are only talking about our belief system, it is obvious that 

respecting every person's dignity which surpasses differences in culture, 

religion, politics, race, etc. are fundamental concepts and attitudes in life;

they were instilled into most of us, growing up. That includes openness of 

heart towards our brothers and sisters, and among our Saints we have many 

examples of what that looks like in practice, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, 

for example. She didn't impose the Catholic religion on anyone, she just 

lived her faith in charity, and in so doing probably helped more people to 

find Christ than any preacher or any ecumenical program could. 

because if it doesn't fit, we cannot "make it" fit, by talking about it.


We can not compromise with the truth, the truth is absolute.

Truth cannot be modified or updated; truth cannot be made 

more relevant; "according to the times we live in."

Truth cannot change, it never did change in the past and it never will change

in the future. Truth is 100%.


Since the program of ecumenism started, where they want to unite with

churches that revolted against the catholic doctrine, in a worldly understanding 

of  "loving our neighbour"( "just agree with him") and a political idea of unity, 

the result has been a disastrous continuous erasing and fading away of the 

absolute truth of Catholic dogmas and teaching.


And here in France that meant that many Catholics no longer knew their 

religion, the teaching became blurry, vague, and some said that protestantism 

was just as good, if not even better! than the Catholic Faith.

The ability to discern and differentiate was lost, instead it adopted the spirit of 

the 60's; peace and love, no borders, equality of all people; 

we are all the same....


The previous awareness that had existed amongst Catholics; that it is by our 

words and actions that we show what we accept, disappeared. 

If we say nothing and do nothing when bad things takes place, 

we are collaborating with them, we are giving it our support by our presence and 

silence, we become participants with it.


The Church is going further, she wants to blend 

with Islam and the other religions and philosophies, including paganism; 

to make a Global Church; the brotherhood of man. 

She is going down the road of pure politics, instead of staying the unlimited 

powerful spiritual force she in reality is.


As a result we now have today occasional Masses co-celebrated with Imams.

There is no point for Mass goers to complain on Facebook about this, and then 

say nothing and gladly going along with it when it happens in our own church. 


Human nature has not changed since the times of the old testament; 

that is why God sent his only Son with the only intention to save our souls 

and give us eternal life.


The Catholic program is not a political one, it is not about worldly power 

or domination, it is a personal sanctification program which is difficult and 

which only a few are willing to take on.  ( check out the New testament)

True peace in the world can happen if people change internally, and

imitate Christ. 



The internal words





Most people makes a selection of the words they speak, but the words 

we think; our thoughts, is a constant stream. 


At the start of every Mass we confess that we have sinned in our thoughts, 

words, actions and inactions.


With our thoughts we create our life, we manifest them in our spoken 

words and actions, which in turn becomes evidence that our thoughts 

were correct: "see, I told you, I was right". 


The content of what we refer to as "our heart" ( our soul) of all words 

heard, believed, remembered in our life, forms the basis for our life.

It is our subjective reality, the filter through which we understand 

and interpret everything.

A child's family environment is of crucial importance, it is where 

we are affected and influenced, and where the way to think, to reason, 

to act, is established. 

From this background we will come to understand 

ourselves and others, and it is unique to each individual.


In contrast to this,  God is objective and unaffected. 

To be aware of our thoughts is extremely important, 

and for everybody who is aware that God is alive and omnipresent, 

we know that He hears and knows what we think! 

By the way He also sees the desires and intentions of our soul, in the 

innermost part of our subconsciousness. 


Our thoughts ( "the mental word") ought to be addressed to someone. 

When we think and reflect on something it is with the goal of knowing 

this thing for ourselves.


Realizing that God already knows and hears our thoughts, the definition 

of a prayer is to address what is on our minds: our mental words, directly 

to Him, we speak to Him. 

When we get to know God a bit, we know that He is good, we put the 

weight of our whole being, our soul, and the weight of our willpower 

into the prayer, because the Holy Spirit is at work in us, and we love Him. 

And there is no greater power than Love. 

Our prayer is carried to God with the weight of our love;  

with, through and in our love for Him. 


EVERYONE can pray to God, there are no exceptions. 

There are no conditions to

fulfill in order to start, even to think: "I don't know how to pray" 

can be addressed to God by starting with that and always asking 

for help. 

All real prayers; addressed to God, are answered, not always the way we had envisaged it, but always in the way that is most beneficial to us. 

In fact, the best way to pray is to "lose our mind" = getting rid of any 

ideas of how we think this thing that we want should come about.

We don't know. If we knew, we would do it ourselves, in which case we wouldn't need to ask Him. 

A common mistake some people make is to believe that they are 

too sinful to address the words of their spirit to God, who is Pure Spirit.

They are ashamed. Shame is one of the impure Spirits that hinders people 

from coming back to God. ( Other impure Spirits are anger, guilt, fear, 

hopelessness). We are all sinners: we have lost our natural friendship 

with God which He gave to man in the beginning, so after the fall from 

grace, nobody can say that they are without sin:

Nobody is "good", only God is good. 

That is why we have the Sacrement of Confession, it is where real spiritual 

healing takes place. It isn't the priest that heals, it is Jesus, God Himself.


 "To pray without cease", refers to the internal state of remaining  in the 

presence of God, which is the result of our actual prayers; it's residue;

the effect, of our mental prayers. 

In a day we obviously need to do other things too, but unless we commit 

a grave sin, which would remove us from the presence of God, 

we are in a state of grace; we are continually aware of His presence in us.

Finally, obviously any prayers that are recited only by the mouth orally, 

without the mental concentration, where the mind is absent, maybe 

thinking about other things, is completely without value, 

it isn't a real prayer.

Intelligent design





It is bizarre that some people think that if you believe in God a Creator that means that you don't believe or recognize natural science. This is not the case. As we know science is always evolving, 
for example "the world was once flat", and anyone that said otherwise were regarded as crazy.
Professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University of Pennsylvania Michael Behe claims that some biochemical structures are too complex to be explained by evolutionary mechanisms and that they disprove Darwin's theory, a theory for which Darwin had no evidence, but which nevertheless is 
being taught in universities as facts.
As we know, going against an established narrative always meets opposition, but it is the only way advances are made.
Modern science has discovered that the cell is run by machines, machines made of molecules and
this points scientifically to an intelligent designer; it supports the Christian faith of a creative force, 
a Creator, behind creation.
The Catholic faith is specifically codified for us human beings to be reconciled to our Creator, it is offered in addition to the science and knowledge about ourselves as natural beings, 
as it is supernatural in nature.  

Return to full blown paganism?


Why are children encouraged to like snakes, rodents and all beasts that crawl 

on the ground?

Yes, God created everything and everything that lives is part of His perfect 

ecosystems but we also know that the human being is elevated above all animals.


"Lord, our Lord,
    how majestic is your name in all the earth!

You have set your glory
    in the heavens.
Through the praise of children and infants
    you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
    to silence the foe and the avenger.
When I consider your heavens,
    the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
    which you have set in place,
what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
    human beings that you care for them?[c]

You have made them[d] a little lower than the angels[e]
    and crowned them[f] with glory and honor.
You made them rulers over the works of your hands;
    you put everything under their[g] feet:
all flocks and herds,
    and the animals of the wild,
the birds in the sky,
    and the fish in the sea,
    all that swim the paths of the seas.

Lord, our Lord,
    how majestic is your name in all the earth!"

(Psalm 8)


It is understandable that people are so preoccupied with their daily living; 

working, daily chores, raising children, running from one thing to the next etc, 

that there doesn't seem much time or energy to think more deeply about life; 

why we are born, the purpose of life etc. 

Sometimes it is only a hard blow or a setback that makes us stop in our tracks. 


Most people live on the surface of themselves, and not in a derogatory sense, 

but in reality; we live superficial lives.

The whole aim of the Church is to reconcile us to God, to make us holy. 

(The word "holy" comes from the word "whole", because we are only a small 

part of our potential, and thus only "partial"; ( a small part).)


If the reality of our divine potential is not known there is a risk that the human 

might identify with animals, and go down to their level. 

There is an emphasis in spiritualism "to learn from animals", to observe cats for 

example and imitate them. 

I love animals and they give me great pleasure, but I do differentiate between 

them and me. 

And to make rodents and snakes "nice" for children, goes against common sense 

and science, because they pose a danger to our health and well being, and should 

be viewed as such. 

It is twisting things to say that we must "not be prejudiced", because it has to do 

with realities. 


We do not protest.


An argument that some protestants use to "prove" that Catholicism is "wrong" is 

"because Mary is not mentioned in the Bible and therefore she was nobody special". 

A protestant man said that to me recently and when I asked him if he really thought that God 

would choose just anybody, "nobody special", through whom He would become Man, 

he could not give me a proper answer.

At the wedding in  Cana where the first miracle was carried out by Jesus, ; it would 

seem as if Jesus was hesitant at first to show his power, when His Mother said to Him 

that they had no more wine.

"And Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does this have to do with me? 

My hour has not yet come.” His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you." 

(John 2, 4-5)

How can anyone fail to notice that Jesus was obedient to His Mother, because He went 

ahead and performed the miracle of turning the water into wine, it launched His ministry. 

Mary is any Christian's perfect model of humility and perfection, she gave birth to Our Lord

by her perfect cooperation and submission to the will of God. 

How can they, even just on a purely logical level, claim that Our Lady; The Mother of God, 

is not important? 

She is The Immaculate Conception, through whom God came back to earth to remind us that 

He exists, to redeem us, and reconcile us to Himself, by The Holy Catholic Church, 

through Her Sacraments, Mary also assisted Him; helped Him to carry out the redemptive work 

of His Passion and Crucifixion.


Then, getting angry, this protestant said that Jesus said that nobody should call anybody Father. As Catholics we call the priests Father. I asked him if he didn't think that all the children in the world didn't have the right to call their fathers "Father"?

The real meaning of this is that nobody on earth has the authority to put themselves above our heavenly Father.


Why is it that some protestants become very angry when they see us Catholics on the street? 

They come up for an argument. But it was them that broke away from the Church founded by Jesus and His apostles.

And why do so many protestants believe that the Catholic Faith has nothing to do with 

the Bible?

They try to convince us that they are right and we are wrong by hitting us over the head with 

Bible quotes (from the protestant bible), and seem to believe that we don't have, nor read, the Bible, 

while not seeming to know that the protestant bible is missing 7 books that has been taken out 

from the original Catholic Bible.


One thing that I always found telling, before I was ever a Catholic, is the fact that in all the 

thousands of protestant denominations, they have the Cross, but it is bare, 

 the Person of Christ is not there, He is absent.

While as on a Catholic Cross, Jesus is there, He hangs on it; He is present.  


The Catholic Faith is personal. It is about The Divine Person Jesus Christ: 

true God and true Man.

The practice of the Faith is  carried out on a personal level, every day, all the time, 

with all the aspects of our lives. 

Some protestants come over for a fight or to shower us with curses, quoting this or that bible verse as proof that we are going to go to hell.


But I think that their faith is often intellectualized; it is stored in the head, and it stays there.

In Psychology, to intellectualize is a form of defense mechanism, of living in one's head 

in order to not be affected and disturbed personally.  

But if we are not disturbed or affected in a personal way, we can never receive God's graces.

Being disturbed, and having one's life turned upside down is almost a requisite as a starting 

point for anyone who was unfortunate enough to not receive the correct religious education 

as a child.

The Catholic Church is not a club or an association set up so that we can have a social life, 

talk a bit about God, and make friends; no;

outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation.

Jesus Christ founded One Holy and Apostolic Church, the Universal Church, 

through His Apostles, when He sent the Holy Spirit.


Martin Luther protested, citing the (real) corruption in the Church as the reason, but his own difficulty with celibacy had also a lot to do with it. 

Henry the 8th certainly only had his own personal motives to protest and make his 

own church, but having said that; there has always been nastiness and evil in the 

Church, as it is made up of sinful people, it could not be otherwise.


At the present time the Church is going through a dark era, with many weak 

bishops and priests who wants to "modernize" the Church to the point of

even promoting the LGBT agenda, the climate change environmental politics, 

supporting abortion and collaborating with corrupt worldly governments.


We know this, we fight this, we resist this, by speaking the truth, 

the Truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, spreading His message. 

If we leave because of them, we would not be faithful. 

We don't leave because things are bleak and our shepherds weak. 

We follow Jesus. 

However bad things are for us now, they are nothing compared to the way things 

were for Him during His Passion.

The pope is the pope, and the bishops are our bishops. 

The priests are our priests. 

If we did not profess this, there simply would not be a Church.


Catholic Church on the street




To those who insists that God does not exist, 

that people do not believe in God,

that the Catholic Church is finished; 

I am happy to announce to you that this is not the case. 

Body Of Christ


The Eucharist
Most faithful Catholics are concerned by what is going on in the Catholic Church.
That is a good sign. It is important to verbalize it, to explain what is wrong, and 
why it is wrong.
The next move is then to find a way to improve the situation; what to do, 
and how to do it?
Our human tendencies will be to protest loudly and to get stuck in a prolonged 
revolt, which will lead to, inevitably, sooner or later, one way or another,   
a separation from the Church. 

We should never forget about Luther, he is our best reminder as to what happens 
when we go down the route of loudly revolting and protesting, when it 
becomes political.  We must avoid that.

The best way is to focus on sanctifying ourselves, all the time keeping the focus 
on Him, The Holy One, who has redeemed us from our own sins. 
This will take up all our time and concentration.

And that is the purpose of the Church; to sanctify us.

It is also worth keeping in mind that the outrages and the betrayal of Christ 
taking place within the ranks of the clergy today, is not a new phenomenon. 
But our response must never be to go to war, it must be to imitate Christ, 
who did not fight nor justify Himself when He was tortured and put to death 
on a Cross.
Remember that it wasn't even the civil authorities who wanted Him dead 
those 2000 years ago,   
it was the authorities in the top ranks of the church of the time  
(the Jewish temple)
the High priests, who insisted on it.
We don't need to delve into Church history, apart from realizing that from the 
Beginning the world has always tried to kill God, by it's revolt and 
disobedience, it will no doubt continue to do so.
God who created everything, and who created human beings in His image, 
can not be killed off, it is simply illogical; as He is the Source of Life.

We must become more aware of the sacredness of Life, and  our words and 
actions must always strive to reflect His Life in us.
I do not know exactly when it became common practice to have 
Ministers of The Eucharist in the Catholic Church, neither do I know why, 
I only imagine than that it had to do with practical reasons, 
to reduce the time of Holy Communion during Mass.
It was a grave mistake; The Holy Mass is an offering and sacrifice, 
at the moment of the priest's Consecration, by the act of  Transubstantiation,
The Eucharist is the Real Body and Blood of Our Lord.
Jesus taught his apostles how to offer Mass and to give his Real Body and Blood 
to those who believe in Him during the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.
When the Church delegates that to non priests, to lay people who often do not 
even  believe in the Real Presence, it is easy to understand that it undermines 
the Church herself, it takes the sacred and makes it profane. 

After that had been normalized it is easy to understand why so few of the ones 
who comes to the table of Our Lord in Holy Communion goes to Confession.
Because Holy Communion has been made "easily available",  the other 
Sacraments have lost their full meaning, depht and significance too.
A true and genuine Confession is not easy nor comfortable, but it is the only 
way for serious sins to be removed, there are no short cuts. 
Just like there ought not to be any short cuts at Mass, ("to save time"), 
because during Mass we enter into the Timeless.
To present oneself for Holy Communion without ever reflecting on personal 
behavior and examination of one's conscience, without confessing our sins 
and without making reparation for them, is a sacrilege. It can not possibly 
increase His presence in us, as He can not operate in a person that is ignorant 
and closed. Doing so works against us, it increases our pride and arrogance.
The Sacraments of the Church has been brought down to a level of the world, 
the supernatural has been greatly diminished.
The Eucharist must be received with the greatest reverence, and ought to only 
pass from the hands of a consecrated priest.
It is not modernization, as in a good thing, to use ministers of the Eucharist; 
it is rather following the culture of the world of instant food, and instant 
satisfaction in everything.

But the teaching of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church is not of this world!
It is the opposite, it is contrary to human nature, that is why we must not lean 
on our human nature.
Jesus was God and human, but His human nature was entirely filled with 
God's substance.

All people that are baptized in the name of The Father, The Son and 
The Holy Spirit are Children of God. 

Practicing Catholics makes up the Church. 
In order to participate actively in her continual need of restoration for the sins 
committed against her, very often from the inside, we must understand the 
value of the Sacraments, and live them.
It is the same principle as in life in general people will recognize that 
"without pain there is no gain",
and that good results are only obtained by putting in time, effort and sacrifices.
Only this will improve things in the Church.
Continued protests will not have a good result, again think of Martin Luther.
Then, visualize Jesus, infinite powerful, God Himself, soft and humble at heart, 
carrying his cross without protest, trusting in the will of God the Father, 
who was the same as Himself. 
Doing the will of God will always improve things.