The Third Glorious Mystery: Pentecost; The descent of the Holy Spirit




Our Lord was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit,

He was brought into existence by God the Father, of whom 

He was of the same substance.


Our Lady gave birth to God, by her purity and by the

YES of her heart. 


After the Ascension of Our Lord, Mary was present with 

the apostles in the Cenacle; the Upper room, (where also 

the Last Supper ( the very first Mass) had taken place), when, 

in accordance with Jesus's promise, He sent them the Helper; 

the Holy Spirit, which came in the appearance of tongues 

of fire.

All the apostles were filled with it's power and light, and 

they began to speak foreign languages which they had never 



Believing practicing Catholics who have received the 

Sacrament of Confirmation, also have the Holy Spirit

within them.


The Holy Spirit is the third Person of The Holy Trinity.

The Holy Trinity's Three Persons: 

Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, 

are all of the one and the same Substance.

The appearance of tongues of flames, which came after

loud sounds and heavy winds, is a strong and forceful

manifestation of the Holy Spirit.


For most of us believers, the progressive growth

in the Holy Presence of God; the Paraclete, 

takes place more discreetly and gently, which is why it

is also often symbolized by a dove. 

Fruit of the Mystery: 

Charity, and the descent of the Holy Spirit into our hearts.

May the grace of the Mystery come into our soul.


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