The embarrassing absurdity and silliness of wokeness


Ireland used to be a truly cool and unique place in the not so distant past.

There were characters, individuals, "mad" people, people were truly alive

in good and bad ways.

But sadly, individuality and character are now dirty words, the only thing 

it is about now, is to fit into the mold of the politically correct.

If you have any diverging opinions from them, you are not accepted, 

you are labelled. 

Today this mob find it shocking if you are against abortion, for example, 

you are labelled an extremist. It goes without saying, that if you think that 

gay marriage is not a thing, you are a right wing homophobic.

The capacity for nuanced  thought does not exist there, it is simply for them

about fulfilling the demands and criteria of "progressiveness".


On top of the list: Being gay. 

Being gay is today a quality, it is an advantage in a work situation, 

for promotion, for example.

A company or an organization are more likely to want a gay leader than a 

hetero sexual one, due to the "progressive image" value that it gives them, 

or believes that it gives them. 

It is equivalent to good looking people (especially women) being chosen 

for jobs, in the "old days", because of the fact that they were nice looking.

(Beautiful women have lost this special advantage, today it is the obese 

and ugly women, the ones that are not making any effort to look nice, 

that are preferred, as it is now them that are deemed cool and trendy.)

In relation to a gay couple with children; if you dare to voice that a child 

needs a mother and a father, and that two mothers, or two fathers, does not 

provide the same balance, you are hateful

For a good few years now, you are not allowed to think for yourself.

It has gone to the stage that the political correct assume that everybody are 

like them, and they are outraged when they come across a "dissenter"; 

somebody who uses reason and logic. 

And this has been clearly demonstrated in the so called pandemic, and the 

subsequent "vaccine" roll out.

People that show caution, as it is an experimental injection, 

and not a traditional vaccine,  and as people also have not failed to notice that 

there has not been a pandemic in the traditional meaning of the word, are branded 

"anti vax" and selfish.

The euphoria with which they announce getting their "shot", 

is mind boggling. 

I have gotten vaccines in the past, to protect me from potential 

dangerous diseases, not against a flu virus with a 99.98% survival rate, 

like this one.

What is the cause of this jubilation? 

Many say they get sick afterwards, why does that make them happy? 

Seeing all these people, especially the men, so terrified of getting 

the flu, is embarrassing. 

There are few real men left in this country.

Furthermore there is no discussion, with arguments of different views 

being allowed to be heard or respected, , it is completely one sided. 

Thinking, reflecting and processing a subject

are now almost illegal, I would say, in many cases it actually is illegal. 

Logic is replaced by rhetoric. 

This imagined progressiveness has rendered Ireland a soulless and incredibly

boring country. Everything that was cool and attractive, is now bland. 

This grey uniformed mass is ruling the country there is not one original 

thought between them.

And they truly believe that this country is so much better now than before. 


This dumbing down of the population is linked to the loss of cultural 

heritage which was built upon the true Faith of the true Church.  

The cowardly behaviour of the leaders of the Church for many decades 

now, has certainly contributed greatly, as they seem to have missed every 

opportunity to act when it was expected of them.

But the woke mob is already middle aged and older. 

One result of all this:

Young people are coming back to the true church, the traditional church.

The wokeness wave will not last. 












"Modernity" is VERY outdated


There exists still today a few old priests here and there who has 

the outmoded and vain idea that "we must do new fun things", 

"create new ideas", ( result of the 60's, Vatican 2 and the 

protestantialization of the catholic church),  "to attract people" 

to the church. 

The believe they can invent and introduce whatever into the 

Mass, to make it, in their opinion "more interesting". 

Today there are "masses" where people dance, or 

instead of a homily, a meditation session, focus on feelings, 

and  a discussion group?

It is pathetic, it is not only doomed to fail, but to 

make more people flee from the Church.

Forgetting that it is ONLY Jesus that can attract people, 

He is the Power and the Glory. 

It is only by celebrating the Mass reverently, with utmost 

attention to detail, by preparing it meticulously, that the 

Church will regain 

her strength.


The Church does not need priests who switch places with Jesus, 

wanting to be a social worker or a therapist, that is 

vanity, arrogance and ignorance. 

Wanting to compete with Jesus.

The reason people left the Church, is because the faithful were 

no longer faithful, including many priests.




The Church is there as a structure with it's sole purpose to transmit 

the true doctrine of The Catholic Church.

That is the only role of the priest, through the celebration of the 



As Cardinal Robert Sarah said in his speech at a conference in 

Église Saint François-Xavier in Paris, May 25 2019:


"In the same way, some people look at the Catholic Church and say: 

this Church has served its purpose, let us change it, let us make a new 

Church after our own image. They think: the Church is no longer credible, 

we no longer hear her voice in the media. She is too marred by the scandals 

of pedophilia and homosexuality amidst the clergy. Too many of her clergy 

are wicked. It is necessary to change her, reinvent her.

Priestly celibacy is too difficult for our times: Make it optional! The Gospel’s 

moral teaching is too demanding: Make it easier! Dilute it with relativism 

and laxity. In the future, worry more about social questions.

Catholic doctrine doesn’t suit the media? Change it! Adapt it to the mentalities 

and moral perversities of our time. Let us adopt the new globalist ethic promoted 

by the UN and gender ideology!

Let us make the Church a human and horizontal society, let her speak a 

media-friendly language, make her popular! 

My friends, such a Church interests no one. 

My dear friends, the world has no use for a Church that offers nothing more than

a reflection of its own image!

The Church is only of interest because she allows us to encounter Jesus. 

She is only legitimate because she passes on Revelation to us. 

When the Church becomes overburdened with human structures, it obstructs the 

light of God shining out in her and through her.

The Church should be like a cathedral. Everything in Her should sing to the glory 

of God. She must unceasingly direct our gaze toward him, like the spire of 

Notre-Dame pointed toward heaven.

My dear friends, we must rebuild the cathedral. 

We must rebuild it exactly as it was before. 

We do not need to invent a new Church. 

We have to let ourselves be converted so that the Church can shine once more, 

so that the Church can be once more a cathedral that sings God’s glory and 

leads men to him."




At this stage we ought to be able to not worry about the apostasies from 

the heretic Bergoglio, we now know that he is there in a final effort to 

dismantle the Church, as he is part of the new world order, but he will 

pass too.

Maybe it had to get this bad, for us to reach rock bottom, in order to 

restore the Church.