The Third Joyful Mystery: The Birth of Jesus Christ: True God and True Man



Meditating on the Incarnation of God, and the circumstances around this 

event that changed the visible world for ever, the historical and geographical 

setting, the personal situation of His parents, who found themselves in 

Bethlehem due to their civic duty. The town was full of all the other people 

who was there for the same reason, people who did not normally live there, 

but who had to make the journey in order to fulfill their obligations. The 

hostels were full, but they found shelter in a manger or a cave outside the 

town, where Our Lord was born, as His Mother had reached full term.


Whatever we can say about the Conception, pregnancy and birth of Jesus, 

it cannot be that it was humanly planned, arranged and prepared.


However it was fully planned and prepared by God, who 

arranged it to be exactly this way.


Because of man's pride; his delusion that he is self sufficient and 

does not need God; his very Maker.

To rid ourselves of the spirits that holds us captive, to shred the 

layers of manifest or hidden pride,vainglory, arrogance, love of 

money and possessions; in other words to convert to the spirit of 

poverty, the spirit that is pure and fully awake to the fact that it 

depends on God for everything.


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