The Second Joyful Mystery: The Visitation



Mary went to visit her cousin Elisabeth, because The Archangel 

had told her, that despite the fact that Elisabeth, who had been deemed 

sterile and who was now an old women, she was also carrying a child 

in her womb.


It was John the Baptist she carried; the forerunner of Christ; the one 

who was to announce the Messiah; the One who came after him, but 

who was before him, and whose sandals straps he was not worthy 

to tie.


Mary was pregnant with a child despite still being virgin, 

Elisabeth was pregnant despite being past childbearing age.

Two works outside the natural order.


Meditating and praying this decade of the Rosary makes us 

realize that we carry in the center of our being; in our soul, 

the Divine.

If we give this part of us, this most important part, because it 

is Eternal, it will continue to live after our bodies dies,

enough attention, we can become pregnant with it, it can 

become visible to others through us and we can carry His 

Presence to others too.  



Fruit of the Mystery; Charity, render good for bad.

May the grace of the Mystery come into our soul.

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