The First Sorrowful Mystery: The Agony of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane


The Sorrowful Mysteries describes how Jesus Christ; 

true God and true Man,

suffered for us, for our salvation, and also He thus

gave an absolute perfect example for us to follow, in 

our own life situations of agony and anguish; 

He surrendered everything to God The Father, 

even His life.

First He suffered persecution, and in the Garden of Gethsemane 

He went through psychological, moral and emotional anguish;

He sweated blood. 

He was fully aware of what lay ahead, He knew He was going 

to be betrayed and handed over to be killed, and being human,

He suffered.

But He suffered it voluntarily, He could have chosen to save 

Himself, but He trusted and obeyed His Father, 

as they were One.  

Jesus, the lamb of God, took upon Himself our sins,

to offer us redemption. 



Jesus was 100% innocent, but none of us are.


We are all in some way both victims of the sins of others, 

and our own sins which we inflict upon ourselves 

and others, this is how we perpetuate the fall from grace. 

By our own sins we commit crimes against God;

will kill Him again.


The first step to reconciliation with God is truly seeing our 

sins, admitting them to ourselves, confessing them to a priest. 

We must see how they damaged us and those nearest to us, 

we must understand that we did it ourselves, it was us that did 

it, that caused it, we had so many other possible courses of action, 

but we chose to do what we did, the way we did it, we must take 

responsibility; own up,

and resolve to change ourselves.


Also; it is easy to believe in God when things are good, but 

how many of us trust in Him fully when we are afraid or even 


Our instinct says to save ourselves, we seek solutions in the 

world and put our trust in weak human beings, we often forget 

completely to first present our problems to God, who are 

already aware of them, but He still wants us to come to Him first.


We are of course entitled to, and supposed to, seek worldly help, 

but ultimately in the end, no-one is able to help us, as we are all 

facing a certain death. 

This process is a sorrowful one, we need to prepare for it now. 


Fruit of the Mystery: The regret of our faults and failings.

May the grace of this Mystery come into our souls.  




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