We are the contents


The content is contained in the container;

The small is contained in the larger:


In the same way as a microscopic cell which is contained in our 

bodies, has the entire material and code for the making of a human 


in the same way as an unborn baby  is contained  in the body of it's 



in the same way as a child is kept in a unit of adults who are 

responsible for them,


in the same way as we live in societies with rules and laws

to which we are submitted, etc etc,

everybody and everything is contained in something bigger.

It is God who contains us, we are His contents.




We are at all times and at every single moment, kept alive by Him.

We can not do anything without the force that He is, not even take a 

single breath. We simply could not exist without Him.


God is Perfect and Infinite in Power, we are imperfect, faulty and finite.

However,  He made us in His image and likeness. 

A human has such a capacity to delude itself, to believe it's own lies, and

to justify it's actions because" everybody else is doing it", but the moment 

of Truth comes to everyone, even if it is just a few moments before death.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation; the Sacrament of Confession, removes; 

takes off, the deadly amount of place; energy; space, that sins leaves in our 

bodies and minds.

Considering that these things hinders God's presence, which He Himself 

placed in us in the beginning, from developing and growing, it is of utmost 

importance to be concerned about it. 

Envisage the strong energy of anger and fear for example, it is not difficult 

to understand how left unattended, they actually can destroy the mental and 

emotional health of a person. If it has been there since childhood, 

it will almost necessarily have "gone underground", become so suppressed, 

that it can be very difficult to find them, because the symptoms that arises 

manifests as an effort to hide them.But they have never gone away, they have 

instead become stronger.

Bitterness is unforgiveness, it creates a wall between us and God, (although 

it does not mean that we are ok with sins committed against us), because 

 everything that separates us from God are called sins. 

A psychotherapist or a counselor has not the tools or skills to heal this, you 

can talk and talk about it, even for decades, but substantially there is nothing 

they can do, the problem might decrease for a while, but it will come back in 

some form or other.

It is because humans are limited creatures, there is little we can do.


God however; there is no limit to what He can do.

And when we confess the truth of our sins to a priest, the real and 

unvarnished truth about how we think, speak and act, which hurts 

Him, others and ourselves, it is not the priest, who is himself a sinner, 

but God who forgives.

Because we have fallen so low and so far from grace, we continue to 

commit sins, often the same ones, but the good news is that in proportion 

to our desire to be healed, we do improve.

The more we rid ourselves of sin, the more we resemble God, who, I repeat,

created us in His image.


We are products of our background, upbringing, culture, education etc 




we are conformed to the world in which we live.


But to be christian we can not live according to the standards of the world. 

"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of 
your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, 
will of God."

Romans 12:2


We ought to put all our trust in Him who created us and who sustains us in 

every moment of day and night.

We ought to have a healthy skeptical attitude to all humans, INCLUDING 


because we so often delude ourselves and unconsciously or consciously do 

anything in order to avoid the truth. 

People very often just repeat what they have heard, and what they believe 



We live in a world that says that whatever painful or inconvenient 

event and situation we find ourselves in, we must get rid of it ASAP.

If we have a pain, we have to take a tablet straight away to get rid of it.

But what if that pain is a signal, what if it signifies something underlying?

Thus by always taking a pill, the calming medicine, we anesthetize ourselves, 

and we put a stop to finding out more, this is especially the case when it 

comes to emotional and psychological conditions, like acute panic not 

provoked by real danger, for example.


Everything in life  is based on faith; faith in our parents, faith in our friends 

and spouses, faith in the usefulness and value of our work. 


This faith can easily be broken, but the pain that it provokes can lead you to 

realize that we can always have faith in God.






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