The Church will continue, with us; her militant soldiers



It is easy to be influenced and carried away into depression by 

concentrating on what is wrong in today's Church.

To say; but things have never been as bad before, surely this is 


What with the Synod and their plan to ordinate women priests, 

married men, promotion of abortion and homosexuality, being 

"inclusive" instead of instructive, etc etc.


The "good" news, (because it gives a bit of perspective) is that in 

almost every century of the history of the Church, there has been 

heretical teachings coming from priests and bishops; and to here 

to mention but a few:


Jansenius; Bishop of Ypres, France, took it upon himself to redefine 

the doctrine of grace (17th century)


Nestorius; Bishop of Constantinople, was responsible for nestorianism;

a heresy regarding the person of Christ (5th century)


Arius; a priest from Constantinople, responsible for the theological 

heretical doctrine of arianism which denied Christ's divine nature (4th century) 


and of course 

Gnosticism; whether it originated outside or inside 
Christianity, infiltrated itself in the Church. They believed that matter; 
Creation, was evil and they denied the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 
 (1st - 2nd Centuries)

In the infancy of the Church there was also for a while the false belief that 

men had to be circumcised in order to be saved, which stemmed from the 

Jewish faith.


We can even go back to the Passion, when Our Lord was arrested, Peter, 

the Rock upon which the Church is built, denied  3 times that he even 

knew Jesus.

Today the Church suffers much from the confusion from infiltration of 

concepts stemming from






But you and me, we know the Faith, we love the Church, because she holds 

the Truth. The Truth can not die.


The best way to participate in the spiritual battle, as good foot soldiers in the 

great battle between good and evil, is to sanctify ourselves. 

It is the goal of the Catholic Church to save souls, she calls us to holiness, 

just like God is Holy.

The fastest way in this process is to frequently go to Confession.

Our sins are forgiven, it strengthens us individually, it strengthens the Church,

it strengthens the priests.  



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