Do we know ourselves?

How many people are conscious that gluttony is a MORTAL SIN?

That when we eat more than we need, or eat food because it 

tastes good and not for the reason of keeping the body healthy, 

we follow our own will and not the will of God?

It is a revolt against God, a sin that needs to be confessed before 

one can receive Holy Communion.  


How many people are aware that laziness is a MORTAL SIN?

It removes us from the presence of God, because again we follow 

our own will; our own inclinations, rather than the will of God.


How many know that if we have lashed out at someone in anger 

we should not present ourselves for Communion until we have 

confessed this MORTAL SIN to a priest, because by this lack of 

self control we have removed ourselves from the presence of God.


How many people confess the poisonous and MORTAL SIN of 

jealousy in their heart to a priest? The existence of jealousy, which 

most humans experience at some stage of their lives, creates a 

barrier between God and us, it is most definitely poisonous and 

deadly to the soul. 


How many people are aware that we offend God every time we

boast about our own achievements or those of our family, when 

we take pride in anything at all and claim it for ourselves? 

Pride is a MORTAL SIN, the only antidote is to practice humility.

Each one of us belong to God and thus whatever capacities we have 

belongs to God too. Being blown up with self importance is 

obviously an obstacle to the presence of God, which is soft

and gentle. Think of The Virgin Mary; the Mother of God; humble, 

quiet, soft, gentle, at all times faithful.


Lust, or concupiscence, like gluttony, has it's root in the physical, 

biological body, and both hunger for food and sexual desire 

needs to be controlled by our own will power, which is within 

human capacities. To fail to do so is a MORTAL SIN.

Greed is like gluttony in that it is an abandoning of moderation. 

Wanting more than we need, the mindset of accumulating things 

or money, is an ego trip, an inflation of the self.

It removes us from the presence of God, therefore it is a 



When we only think about ourselves, when we refuse to forgive 

others, when we are afraid of the future, when we do not trust in 

God, when we are impatient, we step away from Him. 

It is a move that WE make, not God.


Anyone who calls themselves Catholic and thinks of themselves 

as virtuous  and not in need of contrition, repentance, confession 

and doing penance, is deluded. We are ALL sinners.



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