It is bizarre that some people think that if you believe in God a Creator that means that you don't believe or recognize natural science. This is not the case. As we know science is always evolving, 
for example "the world was once flat", and anyone that said otherwise were regarded as crazy.
Professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University of Pennsylvania Michael Behe claims that some biochemical structures are too complex to be explained by evolutionary mechanisms and that they disprove Darwin's theory, a theory for which Darwin had no evidence, but which nevertheless is 
being taught in universities as facts.
As we know, going against an established narrative always meets opposition, but it is the only way advances are made.
Modern science has discovered that the cell is run by machines, machines made of molecules and
this points scientifically to an intelligent designer; it supports the Christian faith of a creative force, 
a Creator, behind creation.
The Catholic faith is specifically codified for us human beings to be reconciled to our Creator, it is offered in addition to the science and knowledge about ourselves as natural beings, 
as it is supernatural in nature.  

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