Non resistance / Non compliance


We are told to love our enemies, to turn the other cheek, to bless those 

that curse us, to do good to those that hate us, and pray for those that 

use and persecute us.


We do not go to war against them nor we do not take revenge, we keep our 

human reactions under control and we need to react in contradiction to them.


To remain civil to a person that is nasty or has bad intentions can be hard enough, 

but to respond in a way that does not reflect what has taken place, but "with love" 

is what it is about.


We need a strong prayer life which enables us to be alert and to stay awake, so 

that we know what is going on and we can make the right decisions in our life, 

in accordance with God's Law and always to remember that in the end 

everything has to be accounted for. 


It's complicated to live in a world that hates humanity, we are born into this,

and it's a fine balancing act every single day to 

"live in the world but not according to it". 


When every profession is corrupt and deceitful, the best and most 

efficient way to respond is non resistance.


That does not however mean cooperation with evil, "letting them get away 

with it" and offering no fight, on the contrary, 

the vigilance and alertness mentioned earlier is of utmost importance all the 



Because if we let bad things happen without doing anything we become 

participants in it.


Simultaneously as offering no resistance to it we also do not comply with it, 

we withdraw our energy from it. We peacefully and decisively say no. 

The bullying, threats, pressure and aggression might continue but

the non resistance and non compliance is  much more powerful  than

creating or participating in overt opposition.


This is real resistance. 


This way their balloon quietly becomes deflated.


But unfortunately too many people do not recognize evil and lies, 

they do not believe in God and therefore are not aware of the 

existence of evil either, so they might either become victims or they 

might become perpetrators. 




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