Informed consent to sin


If we are not instructed, informed, educated, in morals, 

how are we supposed to know what is right and wrong, 

what we ought to do, and not to do?

Without a frame of reference, we are just floating along, 

following the current worldview, because that is the only 

thing that presents itself as a frame of reference; the 

standard of the world.


However, for a person who has been brought up according 

to the standard of Jesus and Mary, who has received it not 

only in the academic sense but who has had it modeled to 

him by those closest to him, which facilitates real 

understanding, and who later consciously and willingly 

says that he is rejecting it because he wants to do whatever 

he will, this person knows what he is doing.


But the others, those who genuinely never received the 

information in the first place, and who never saw it modeled 

to them, how can they be guilty? 

An obvious example would be sexual morality and conduct,

it is a fact that few people have been educated and 

have understood it. Including very many Catholics; 

laity and clergy.

Jesus cried out as He was dying in agony on the Cross:


"And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not 

what they do.” And they cast lots to divide his garments."

Luke 23:34



We make the assumption that all Catholics have been 

educated in the faith, but the truth is that it was, and still is, 

often so scare and so poor in quality and clarity, true 

understanding never took place, although they externally 

they might have adhered to it.


But what is internally in a person,  manifests itself in 


We do know that stealing and murder are sins, but there 

are many ways to steal and murder; slander and lies 

about a person is both stealing and murder of his good name, 

which he is entitled to.


There is hypocrisy and falseness, two facedness, 

lying, slander, these are recurrent facets of the modernist 


We all sin, yes, all of us, but I am talking here about a different

spirit, which is not Catholic.


Whereas the Traditional Catholic Church which didn't give in to 

modernism, liberalism, relativism, subjectivity, adapting to the world, 

has preserved real and true Catholicism, which does not align itself 

to the world, but which is in contradiction to it. 


"Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants 

would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my 

kingdom is from another place."

John 18:36


The Catholic Faith is supernatural in nature. That does not mean 

that it bypasses human nature, but rather our earthly nature 

provides the basis from which we can attain God, by applying 

the catholic teaching in our daily lives.

We know from the Saints that it is possible. The Saints are there 

to intercede for us, but also by learning about their human lives 

on earth, we learn that they were indeed very human too, like us. 

But then, to see the potential they unfolded, by their consent, 

their letting go of their own will, making themselves available 

to God, is an enormous inspiration to us.  

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