Everybody seems to have an opinion on Israel/Palestine, and many are ferocious

and aggressive in their  standpoints. People living far away from the Middle East 

are fighting and arguing, people are out on the streets demonstrating.

Who has the right to be there, and who has not. 

What about the Mass immigration of most Western countries which is taking place 

today; people from often different cultures and very importantly; different religions, 

who are replanting the indigenous populations, and are getting preferential treatment 

to them?

Is that not also a question of rights?

What is happening on the West Bank is unimaginable, the amount of people being

killed, innocent people. And what happened on the 7.October is unimaginable.

The situation would have been resolved if there was a true 

political will to do so, but there isn't.

But everybody has an opinion on it, or they take sides.

For me, when there are atrocities of this scale, I find it hard to take in.

For this reason, I am more touched by the disappearance of the little 2 year old 

Émile, who vanished almost 4 months ago from the little French village Haut-Vernet in the French Alpes, I think and pray for him and his parents, especially his mother, it breaks my heart.


When the European white man came to America, he simply just took the land from 

the Native Indians, whose land it was, he killed them and bundled them into reserves, 

took everything from them, their whole way of life. 

He did the same in Australia to the Native Aborigines, who had always lived there,

and whose land it was. 

The English did it to the Irish, they took their land and made the Irish poor tenants on their own land, where they grew mainly potatoes for survival. When the potato crop failed due to blight, the English protestant landlords let the people starve to death.  

The discrimination against Catholics continued, it was the protestants who were privileged, and this was the cause of 30 years of war in the North of Ireland that they called "The troubles" which only ended 25 years ago.

Indeed in the independent Republic of Ireland too there was discrimination. Catholics were forbidden from studying in Trinity College in Dublin for example, a ban that was only lifted in 1970.

Every war that has ever been, took place because man seems incapable of not making 

war; the World War emptied out every French village of young men, the suffering 

was unimaginable, it continued in the 2.nd World War when the atrocities carried out 

by the Nazis revealed the bottomless pit of evil depravity that the human being is 

capable of. They would go in to houses and take small babies and carve them up in 

front of their parents,  they burned entire villages with all it's inhabitants; 

Oradour- Sur- Glane for example.

And this is fairly recent history.

The capacity for evil seems to have no boundaries, and when it comes to bombing

innocents civilians there is only one word for it and the word is evil. 

But isn't it strange how there are wars, conflicts and persecutions that get no or very 

little media coverage, and others that get non stop attention.

I have, unlike most people that I know with opinions on Israel, lived there for 

several months as I worked in a kibbutz in my younger days, I got to know both Jews 

and Palestinians. But while many in the West are inflamed about this situation, they 

are completely unmoved and untouched about the terrible and brutal killing of the 

most vulnerable of all; unborn babies, which takes place on a daily basis, in very 

high numbers, and this has been the case for many decades. 

This is also genocide, and these unborn babies suffer the pain inflicted on them. 



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