"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10


To steal does not only mean to physically take something that does 

not belong to us. 

It is much wider and often more subtle, than that. 

It can be to have an attitude and an outlook in life of something like:

"What is in it for me?", or "Is there anything in it for me?"

in almost any decision making big or small. If the person cannot 

perceive any personal gain, they decide against it, because they are out to 

take, obtain something freely and easily, without going through the correct 

normal channels; work, and being honest and transparent. 

That person might be found anywhere, also in the Church. 

The person would not hesitate to break your friendships, by "stealing" 

them too, by inserting themselves between you and them

They would not be interested in making their own 

friends, they want to take yours and destroy your friendships. 

Same goes for spiritual possessions, they understand that it has value, and 

so they sneak in, pretending to be interested,  hoping they can grasp it 

and use it for their own gain. 

They do not understand that that is impossible, but if they can rob you of it, 

there will be some passing  satisfaction for them.

They are impostors, they only go to Mass where people know them,

not where nobody knows them, because they are seeking the approval 

of men, not of God.


“Everything they do is done for people to see: They make their phylacteries wide 

and the tassels on their garments long;"  (Scribes and Pharisees)

Matthew 23:5 


They will not contribute even when it is expected of them, as a natural and 

appropriate donation to the Church, because they are there to take, not to give. 

They might even feel that the Church is privileged to have someone like them 

amongst them.   As we know that the wolf is frequently dressed as a sheep, 

we need to be awake.


This approach to life is related to   

"For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their 

life for me will find it"

(Matthew 16:25)


It means to take risks to one's personal life because the fear of the Lord has 

dominance in our lives. God comes first; all decisions must be taken with 

needing to be right with Him before anything else, regardless of the 

consequences to our selves, because our salvation depends on it. 

It is obedience and also manifests our great confidence in God. 

They are often acts of Faith. 

And God never returns such obedience and love with anything but generosity.


The person who is in a permanent state of self preservation, however, 

even as far as to the detriment to those he/she proclaims to love, 

that person might sacrifice or accuse whoever it takes, 

in words and deeds, in order to "save" himself. 

It is a fearful person, without knowledge nor confidence in God.  

It is a self serving love, and in the end the person will be lost.


Now that the evidence of the harm the covid 19 injection is being recognized

also in the main stream media, I think of all the Catholics who agreed to be 

injected with an acknowledged  experimental injection made from stem cells 

of aborted babies.  Some were definitely under sever pressure to take it, under 

the threat of losing their job and in order to provide for their families, they took 


Many did pay with their lives, but many did it for the right reasons. 

But many others did not take it for the right reasons; their motivation was fear 

and confidence in their corrupt governments. Immoderate and unreasonable 

fear paralyzes the intelligence and logic. The official statistics told us all the time 

that the virus presented a minimal risk, but in spite of this many people who were 

not under any obligation or financial pressure to take it, went ahead and took it, 

no matter what their family said, and even with partners and spouses pleading 

with them not to do it.  They were trying to save themselves to, and how many 

ended up killing and maiming themselves instead.


I am neither a doctor nor a scientist, but giving all the information that was 

available to everybody from the very start, I was ready to die, rather than 

inject a very questionable concoction,  made from abortions, into my body. 



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