The reality of death


Lent is a time to retreat as much as is possible, it is a time for a heightened focus 

and concentration on Christ. To improve our life with Him.

The spiritual practice of renouncing things for the benefit of our soul heightens 

our awareness about ourselves, it reduces the illusions we have about ourselves.

Because it is when we are less comfortable, less satisfied in regard to hunger

or entertainment and distractions, when we practice dying to ourselves, that we are in a better place to see what we are

really like, to see our faults and failings. This is however not a depressing time,

on the contrary; it is a time of immense hope and deep joy, because we know that

in confessing our sins, and with the firm resolution to change and to do penance, 

we are forgiven, we are on the way to complete healing.

Because on Easter Sunday we take part in Our Lord's Resurrection from the grave,

and our hope is that our souls will also resurrect from the grave of sin, confusion 

and darkness, and we can start living the life that God intended for us.

An efficient way to live a good life, is to have the reality of our physical death

always in our awareness. To remember it every day. This is not morbid nor depressing,

on the contrary,  it is necessary. We should try to have a constant inner alertness to the 

reality that this very moment and this very day, might be the last one we have. 

Because nobody knows the day nor the hour.

Am I ready? 

What is waiting me when I draw my last breath and my soul leaves 

my body? 

We need to prepare for this big encounter, at least that is what I want to do.

I want to be prepared, I want to die without fear, ready to meet my maker.

I want to go to heaven.

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